Fred Perry and Raf Simons Will Return Back to The Load in 2013

Few are well drained marriages in the world of fashion that we can find, the egos of designers tend to collide with the creative lines of commercial firms and tend to result in collections that no content or to stalwarts of the designer in question nor regular buyers of this mark.

The collaboration between Fred Perry and Raf Simons It is the exception that proves the rule, a synergy of disparate styles that admirably managed to survive during three consecutive seasons (2008 to 2011) harvesting a good acceptance among fans of the brand’s laurels.

There was no such collaboration to 2012 and many thought that this had already come to an end of a permanent and definitive, but nothing farther from reality since in yesterday announced officially that both the Belgian designer and the British firm are working on a new partnership for the next summer 2013.

A collaboration that will see the light in a way officer this month of July coinciding with the Paris fashion week where there will undoubtedly be many placed looks to see if the new creative director of Dior continues to Fred Perry one of his collaborations more media giving a traditionally classical and sober line that touch of modernity making this line a reference within the British firm.

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