How Solve The Problem of ‘Wrong Architecture’ of Services of Google Play

With those applications that warn us of the inspirational available, or that our site that has become a the best sources to update manually the latest versions of the most popular apps, can sometimes arise some glitches that we don’t like going out.

Is not to panic, we suddenly find ourselves with the message “Wrong architecture” and that exposes that the services of Google Play have been installed with a different of the CPU architecture. And more, when it is forcing us to install inspirational to have Google Assistant…

What is Google services Play?

Play Google services is an app that must be updated properly, since it has its important to be very linked to the operating system Android.

It’s a package APIs that allows apps to be independent updates Android to be the day. One of the examples clear of these days is Google Assistant to be activated once you have updated Google services Play. Although this example you need activation from the server side to have ready for use to the Google Wizard. Anyway, it is an upgrade that will take place in the background without forcing the user to do something.

In short, that services of Google Play allows us to benefit from the latest versions of applications without the latest version of Android. It must be clarified that it does not include all apps, but that those of the Repertoire of Google are Gmail, Google Play and more.

How we got this far

To find the ‘wrong architecture’ message in the notifications bar, surely We have installed an APK by mistake or that any app that you have installed in your phone has been updated Google services Play. In these days in which many resort to that kind of files to have the latest updates of different apps like Google Play services, it can occur that we have not well defined the APK download, and by mistake we have installed one that has nothing to do with our CPU architecture.

For example, if we want to get the latest update of services, we find that There are different versions in apkmirror that it differ from its architecture, minimum version and the DPI on screen. An error that can occur, is that we confuse the architecture arm64 + arm by X 86 + x86_64. Install the second, and will find the joyous message of ‘wrong architecture’.

Will not end the world, the only thing that services of Google Play stops working until we solve the problem.

How to fix the problem of ‘wrong architecture’

The normal thing is Download an APK from a previous version to have services running, but if this is done, we will find the message that the update file is corrupted.

If we are looking for another way, as it is to uninstall the updates of Google services Play, we find with the wall of the Device Manager that is responsible for protecting these important applications of the system when you press on “Disable”.

We will give the steps to regain services Google Play working perfectly again:

  • We go to settings > screen lock and safety > devices Manager and disable Device Manager
  • Now is the time to go to settings > applications > Google services Play (depends on your phone, you will have to activate “Show system apps”)
  • “Click on icon three vertical points and give to”Uninstall updates”
  • We have uninstalled the update that has caused the error. Now open Google Play Store or click on the message in the notification bar that tells us that install the latest update Google services Play
  • We go back to Device Manager and activate the administrator, it is interesting that you have active If you lose or you steal the phone

It is already ready and functional services of Google Play to manage the system no need to be updating any part of.

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