How to Install Android or Developer Preview in Your Nexus and Pixel

The next major Android update that will be officially released at the end of the second half of this year already looms the duckling. Google has just officially announce Android or with its novelties and more importantly, its first preview ready for download.

Developers can already install on their devices Nexus 5 X, Nexus 6 p, Nexus Player, C Pixel, Pixel and Pixel XL the first version of Android or Developer Preview to begin to tailor applications to the next version of Android.


Android or Developer Preview is an early and unstable version, so Google does not recommend normal users to install it on their devices, since they may not work properly. So at the moment this new previous version can not be easily from Android Beta Program. There is that manually install the images of factory.

How to install Android or Developer Preview, video

Manual update, previous steps

If you have you encouraged to install the first thumbnail of Android or on your Android device the first thing you have to:

  • Make a backup your device because it will erase all.
  • Have installed the drivers of Google.
  • Have SDK Platform-Tools.
  • Download the image factory Android or Developer Preview 1 of your device.
  • Have the USB debugging enabled.

Images of factory of Android or Developer Preview 1

  • Nexus 5 X:
  • Nexus 6 p:
  • Nexus Player:
  • C pixel:
  • Pixel:
  • Pixel XL:

Once downloaded the factory image have that unzip all the files in the zip file with the files in the folder platform-tools such as:

Unlocked bootloader

It is obligatory to install a factory image unlock the bootloader of the device. To do this we have to turn off your device and turn it on in the mode Bootloader by pressing and holding Low volume + Power at the same time until the menu hidden. We can also enter into the bootloader with our mobile phone connected to the computer by typing in the terminal the command adb reboot bootloader.

Once in the Bootloader, and with the device connected to the computer, Open a command window and enter the folder where you unzipped platform-tools and the factory image to run the command:

  • fastboot flashing unlock

This process will delete all the data from our device, will do a factory restore.

Install Android or Developer Preview

If you already have the unlocked bootloader to install your factory image only we will have to run:

  • Flash-all.bat (Windows) or (Mac or Linux)

Executed once the file already so just we have to wait for the process to finish. When our device is rebooted into the new version already we can safely remove the USB cable. This process also erases all data from your device.

Lock the bootloader

After you have updated your device to Android or Developer Preview can return to lock the bootloader for greater security on the device, but whenever you want to update the preview of manually will have to unlock it again. To lock the bootloader you need to run any of these two commands:

  • fastboot flashing lock
  • fastboot oem lock

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