Huawei Already Is The Manufacturer Android More Profitable

Huawei, for a couple of years, is doing things better each time, and is that time ago that ceased to be a typical Chinese manufacturer from the time. Thanks to these decisions, an so ambitious has also become, and is that it seeks to be the largest manufacturer globally within a period of five years.

As the market evolved, competition was increasing, with models of very good properties at good prices, but Huawei, in some way, continued to rise. And it is that in this third quarter has been the most cost-effective Android manufacturer and the second among all manufacturers of mobile.

Data, thrown by Strategy Analytics, said that Huawei has generated a profit of $ 200 million in sales of smartphones, representing 2.4% of total profits from all mobile manufacturers. This places him as the second most profitable manufacturer globally and the first Android.

Ahead is Apple, whose profits have been of some 8,500 million dollars, which represents 91% of the benefits of sales of smartphones (only referring to hardware). Among the four most profitable manufacturers in the third quarter, three of them are Chinese. These facts, of course, do not reflect the number of terminals sold, but the benefit achieved with them.

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