Moto X Style Is Unique

Moto 360 and Moto X style are a good pair. Both offer current technology and good appearance and can be arranged on request.But above all the Moto X style has to offer more than just good look thanks to top facilities at reasonable prices.

The most popular smartphones in the world be sold millions of times, running around in the major cities of tens of thousands of people carrying the same phone in your pocket. Wouldn’t it be nice, then, to have a real unique? A Smartphone, that there is only one time? Individualists have partly fulfilled this desire in the Moto X style, because they can assemble their desire Smartphone on the Internet itself. Also the new Smartwatch Moto 360 can be adapted to your needs-the cost is reasonable, narrow limits but the degree of freedom.

The Moto 360 is an ordinary, Smartwatch with Android wear if beautiful.Play store of Google, there is currently only one variant on black housing, black leather strap, 42 mm case. Moto maker, Motorola’s mix platform, the selection is even greater: If you want the clock to pretty, has a choice between black or brown leather strap or alternatives made of stainless steel, three types of housing in two sizes as well as silver, gold or black bezel and housing.

Moto Maker Makes Not All Wishes Come True

The test device of is a silver specimen with 42 mm Mr case and brown leather strap – combining mix but certainly is not unique. The Moto X style, however, can indeed a unique piece are: the choice of materials and colours is here much larger and back-wood, bamboo, leather, or plastic available for front stand framework there are three colour combinations, colour accentscan be used in seven colours.

Rogue highlight is the engraving, which appears on the back at the bottom. “Design itself” it’s at the Moto maker, but the design options are sorely limited: 14 characters are the maximum, font type and size are set, the positioning in the Middle also. The hoped-for test device with n-tv logo became so nothing, a small engraving in sans serif font is the greatest feeling-buyer should consider all right, if not rather not least waive the engraving, for later resale options.

Anyway that’s worth Moto Maker an institution and the surcharge: for around 485 euros, you get the standard model currently in online trading, for 499 euros, there is a device with self selected plastic back cover and 20 euro extra color accents, wood or leather.

X Style Is Technically Almost Perfect

Thus, the current flagship of Motorola is much cheaper to have as the top devices of the competition without being worse equipped. The ultra sharp 5.7-inch screen with Quad HD resolution shines bright, offers rich contrasts and plastic color representation and sits in a comparatively manageable housing-large and it is of course difficult, much more compact, you can a device with this But do not install the display diagonal. The bright gold metal frame is curved elegantly around the casing and makes the Smartphone in combination with the light bamboo to a real eye-catcher.

Technically has the Moto X style almost everything on it these days makes a top Smartphone-with one exception: the fingerprint scanner is missing. It has a major disadvantage against the current champions from Apple, Samsung, Sony, Huawei and HTC. Also Google’s Nexus models are the style in this respect beforehand. This convinces the rest even more: the 21-megapixel camera starts fast and makes really great pictures, it turns HDR videos with full HD resolution and 4K-Videos. Also the front camera with 5-megapixel resolution can convince, she has a night mode and an own Flash. The stereo speakers on the front can miss some bass sound but so that voices always well understood are loud and very clear.

The battery is not especially generous with 3000 MAH, the average transit times are on a level with other current top models. After all: The supplied special quick charger makes the battery extremely fast. Highlight, however, is the performance. The Moto X style is rapidly and makes the test no dropouts, waiting it seems not to know. Photos are taken without delay, measured site data by GPS in the nu. Actually works the Moto X style as on stimulants, so fast it can navigate the user interface.

Moto 360 Is Nice, But…

This is a good hardware with strong Snapdragon-808-processor and ample memory, as well as the slim software: as always, Motorola relies on nearly unmodified Android, only a few useful apps and functions are included. So it is enough to keep your hand over the display important information such as the time and see missed calls or notifications. The camera can start turning the wrist twice, the Smartphone listen to voice commands and adapts to situations (time and place) on request and then reads in the car including the caller and SMS messages or switches automatically to the meeting Mute.

In contrast, which is almost a bit boring new Moto 360: your case is a careful evolution of the first model, the black bar at the bottom of the display is unfortunately still there. She is one of the most beautiful Android Smartwatches without question and should address many more as the Huawei watch, but here too the problem is in the software and not in Motorola’s hands. Android wear is still immature, functions and look have to improve still, to make attractive Smartwatches with this system. Samsung currently shows with the Tizen Smartwatch gear S2 also how.

The equipment of the Moto 360 can never miss it, the hardware package conforms to the current standard. An ambient light sensor adjusts brightness, a heart rate monitor monitors your heart rate, a Wi-Fi module on Board allows also notifications when the Smartphone not at hand. This is handy, but Moto 360 is above all a stylish accessory to your Smartphone–who both buys maker in Moto, can harmonise color clock and cell phone, by selecting for example the same leather for the phone back as for the bracelet.