Motorola Publishes The Picture of The Bike Factory G4, But Withdraws The Rest

The Moto G4 It is one of the telephones of half of this year range for Lenovo. The new generation of this popular family opened when Motorola was still owned by Google has found this year with a number of rival more than worthy in specifications and price.

The U.S. company has published yesterday even the factory image to the Moto G4 (XT1624) on its website, but it has made cleaning and have decided to withdraw all previous terminals factory images. Of this Moto G4 corresponds, as it cannot be otherwise, to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

Factory images are a sort of lifeline When someone flashing a custom ROM and you ‘brickea’ mobile, or simply want to return to the factory version for any other reason. To install your factory image It is necessary to have the ‘bootloader’ unblocked, but once done, you can return to normal bloquarlo.

Motorola has taken advantage and It has changed the way to download these images of factory: before you had to get access to a folder of Google Drive and download the necessary files, but now don’t have more than select the terminal and download the file, without more complications. Make sure you well read instructions to follow on the Motorola website.