Mountains Fishing in Chile

The fishing of mountains in Chile has become very popular due to the big fight that give these fish and their abundance in the Chilean coasts.

This fishery is full of myths about places, fishing techniques, fishing schedules. On Hbbltd it will give the best tips of mountains in Chile fishing.

The sierra is an elongated fish of grey and dark tones (dark blue) with very sharp teeth that lives in the southern hemisphere of the world, i.e. in the Chilean coast, Argentina, South Africa and Australia. Its scientific name is Thyrsites tuna and can reach up to 2 meters long. This fish is very voracious and within their main source of food is the small fish like sardines and anchovies. The ideal temperature of the water for the saw should be between 13 ° and 15°.

Type of fishing to fish saws

The saw can be caught in 2 different moralities of fishing that are:

Mode spinning: this type of fishing is practiced along the coasts of our country and can be of Jetty or beach shore. When it is rockfill always should choose safe places to try to capture a saw, since the rocks on the shores of Chile can become very dangerous.

Mode trolling: this mode is one of the most productive and is to carry your lure in the water while the boat is running at a constant speed. This allows the lure to work seamlessly.

Sierra fishing lures

The most used lure are lures that imitate a fish trying to tear away from the predator. In this list are the best lures for fishing of saws:

Rapala X-Rap Magnum

This is one of the most productive lure on the market. It has a frantic swim and very bright colors. To my taste the best with pink color, the white body with red head and the famous mackerel. Lure length is approximately 16 cm, weight 70 g and has the capacity to deepen 9 meters.

The factor that has against this beautiful lure is price, which between the 17,000 and 20,000 Chilean pesos.

Lure Storm Deep Thunder TH15

Lure Storm Deep Thunder is one of the novelties in the variety of sierra fishing lure. It is approximately 15 cm long and weighs 60 gr deepens between 6 and 9 meters. Like Rapala X-Rap Magnum lure, it has a frantic swim. It has already been tested in Chilean waters with excellent results.

The advantage against the “competition” of rapala is the price, which rondea the 10,000 Chilean peso.

Rapala CountDown Magnum

This Rapala lure is of very good quality and has features similar to the X-Rap Magnum. Ideal size for the famous “saws mutants” is 7 inches or 17.8 cm, which weighs 67 gr and deepens 7.6 meters.

Rapala Husky Magnum

Lure Rapala Husky Magnum is excellent for fishing of saws, mutants and smaller blades. This lure large version deepens 7.6 meters and smallest version 4.5 metres.

Adopta Minnow Bait 160mm 60g

Noeby Minnow lure, is one of the lures size magnum lowest on the market. The advantage of this lure is that it works very well in deep waters offshore. It measures 16 cm, weighs 60 gr and depth 8 metres. The advantage is its value and its disadvantage is that it tends to swim side if the boat does not have the correct speed.

Lure Chinese Pulpo-Calamar

Pulpits are flashy lures which come in a variety of colors. These lures are very effective saw small and medium since not deepen long enough to get where are the sierras grandes, although just over one is may tempt. The disadvantage of this lure is that after a few saws it enters water and loses the ability to swim and begins to float. So it is not bad to have it inside your box of fishing are fairly inexpensive.

Chinese Trolling lure

Chinese lure of good quality, with a frantic swim and delve quickly into the sea. Their treble hooks are very bad, so you have to be changed by a few VMC before dropping them into the water, accompanied by a good ring. Maybe that one other lure come out wrong with an uneven swim, so it is recommended to take several for a day of fishing. Recommended only for girls or medium-sized mountains.

Spark tube

The famous spark tube is a craft, very effective lure for fishing of saws. It consists of an elongated tube chromed color, usually filled with lead and a triple hook on the back.

Fishing equipment to saw

Cane botera: A cane botera is essential for this type of fishing, since its stiffness allows the lure to work correctly in trolling mode. Boteras rods range from 1.80 mt to the 2.10 mt. For spininng you can use longer fishing rods, to achieve greater distance.

Fishing reel: you can use a trolling reel or a spinning reel. It is important that the reel has a good brake to work the saw correctly. Large versions are recommenced from 4,000 in later series.

Some good reels:

  1. Penn Battle II from 4000 onwards:

Extraordinary machines, since only 93,80 dollars on Aliexpress

Also the reels are giving good results mark Kastking:

Line: can be a good quality of 0.35 up nylon or a good multifilament. In the national market a good multifilament can cost above 20,000 pesos. On the other hand in Aliexpress you can find some very good at low prices. We recommend these:

Steel whip: the Navy for the fishing of saws is an about 30 cm long steel whip. Since it has very sharp teeth, the whip evita saw to cut the nylon or multifilament at the moment of pique.

Places of fishing near Santiago

There are plenty of mountains near Santiago fishing spots. Among the best-known are:

Matanzas: Matanzas Beach, in the commune of Christmas, saws in the sea fishing is very abundant. It is difficult to find boaters who go on these excursions. The sizes of the pieces range from 2 kg to 15 kg saws

Carob: in Algarrobo you can fish saws from certain areas from the shore and trolling mode. In this area you can catch some large pieces.

Concon: saws fishing outings are organized in caleta Higuerilla concon mode trolling. The sprints in this area are very good. The only disadvantage is that this infested with sea lions that usually spoil the output.

Caleta Horcón: from the caleta Horcón boatmen coming out fishing for saws can be found. The fishing in this area is varied and in summer you can find schools of Jackfish.

Papudo: abundant medium-sized mountains fishing zone. Fishing fun since you chop them are one after the other.

What is your experience in fisheries of mountains in Chile?