Must-Have: 6 Accessories That Never Go Out Of Style

Have you noticed that there are some accessories that never go out of style ? Enter year, year out, there they are on the catwalks. They may appear in somewhat different versions of the original model, but are there. They are the so-called must-have , and it is precisely from them that you need to complete your collection!These items work as wild accessories , which can always accompany you, no matter the fashion of the moment.

Investing in this type of accessory, besides saving time in choosing, also saves a lot of money.The most important thing is to know how to use them in the right way, at the right time and in the right clothes.Here are some tips that will help you make the best choice when it comes to shopping.

Accessories must-have to always have

Argola Vazada (R $ 152,40)

They have already made a big hit a few years ago and are back, a little bit higher.For women who like a more basic look, the model with thin rim and without pendants is the most recommended.But for those who like to dare, there are several rings with gemstones or pendants , such as, for example, aged coins that are on the rise.

Aviator glasses

Who can not remember star Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun – using those aviator model glasses?It was his trademark and this model has always been synonymous with style and boldness.It can be worn by both men and women and, no matter the occasion, is an accessory that always goes well.


Pearl Earring (R $ 57.60)

Alone or accompanied by other pearls , they are always welcome. They are a true classic , worn by women of great importance, both social and political. Also we have the characters that marked the cinema with the most famous pearls . That’s what happened in the movie Sweetheart of Luxury , in which the actress Audrey Hepburn wore that beautiful necklace of pearls .

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It is always good to have belts of various colors and textures.But if you do not want to have several, you can only bet on the most basic and metallic tones.Frosted gold and aged gold are on the rise, thanks to the vintage era we are living.

Gold Rings

Ring Rose (R $ 116,00) , Camellia Ring (R $ 100,10)

The rings are perfect accessories to be used on a daily basis and also in the most varied events. For example, for a more discreet look , suitable for the work environment, you can invest in less glamorous models, such as thin- walled and delicate stones .Another option is to use one or two rings that are larger and stand out for hands.

Long necklaces

Smoky Quartz Necklace (R $ 231,00)

Since they already have a good length and it is impossible not to see them in the look , choose more delicate models with fewer stones and smaller pendants .This even helps you assemble your own mix of necklaces, with pieces of varying lengths.Another advantage of the longer necklace is that we can take more than one lap in it, giving the impression that we are wearing more necklaces.

Dolomite Spheres Necklace

The must-have accessories are excellent investments and you can have them for the rest of your life – or at least for a long time if you buy quality parts .They are timeless and also excellent for that time when you are not sure what to wear.

What other accessories do you always have stored in your drawer?Which of these do you most enjoy using?Tell us guys!

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Melissa Queiroz

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