Mystic Jewels For Halloween

Precious stones always exerted a great fascination in men and women. Beyond beauty, many still believe that they provide energy, so when applied to jewelry, they make these pieces to win an even greater value. With Halloween approaching, the mystical jewelry gain even more strength and are great options for gift giving and complement the visual. You can choose both from the tone, and the meaning that they represent. Want to meet some new jewelry ideal for use in the month of the Witches? Check out our post!

Four-leaf clover with diamond

The four-leaf clover is known to assign luck to those who are. In fact, more than that, it also provides faith, love and hope. Therefore, many believe that if you’re a gem in this format can be more held in life. So, you can opt for a four-leaf clover in diamond and white gold and enjoy all the mystical properties of this stone to enter the atmosphere of Halloween.

Sea Water

The people of Ancient Greece believed that the sea water was a symbol of love and luck in marriage, as well as attract clean thoughts and real. This stone is indicated as a symbol of protection and fidelity, helping to relieve afflictions and troubles. According to, the light blue tone can be used on Halloween as a way to shield and defense, and the tip is to opt for an extremely sensitive Marine Water pendant in white gold, with a ring with the same characteristics.


Tom orange is simply ideal for Halloween and the citrus is a rock characterized by attracting professional success, prosperity and money. The Romans used to wear it in the chest, to be immune to bad ideas like envy, evil eye and intrigue. So, the trick is to choose a beautiful citrine pendant framed in yellow gold, accompanied by an attractive ring with the same stone.


For those looking for peace or want to achieve greater spirituality, Amethyst is the ideal stone. Purple colour is the most assists in the hour of meditation and your tone has everything to do with Halloween. In centuries past, the Greeks believed that Amethyst could turn bad guys into good thoughts and even ward off false friendships. The trick is to use a paste with an Amethyst pendant in white gold.


Being one of the most important figures in history, Cleopatra, believed that the emeralds were source of eternal beauty. So I was always using a piece in which they were present.

Many believe that the esmeralda, by owning the color green, is the rock of reliability, loyalty and unconditional love. In the field of health, is considered the gem that leave the skin younger, also helps in curing infections. To join beauty, mysticism and luxury, how about using an emerald ring in white gold combined with a pendant with the same features? You will surprised looks.

These are some options of mystical jewelry and, as you can see, each has a different purpose. In addition to these, there are many other jewelry available and you can choose the one that matches your personality and your wishes for this Halloween. Which one do you prefer?