Nails Of Oncinha

Photos and How to Make Step by Step Nails of Oncinha

The fashion of the leotard has arrived to be with many different models and styles the leash nails are very successful, here you will learn how to do and the step by step of the leash nails so that you look even more beautiful and elegant with the nails of leash

Look   photos of the nails of nails and stay inside how to do the step by step of the nails of leopard and become even more beautiful and elegant and beautiful with the nails of leash that are doing much success.

The step by step   It’s very simple, and to get this nail   you should already be with the manicure made and with colorless base to protect your natural nail. The second step is to enamel your nails with the enamel you chose to make the background color. Pass the two layers across the nail and wait for a little drying, third step is the time to separate the enamel you chose to make the spots on the leash. The fourth step does not have much secret, with the enamel brush itself make the spots, do not need to be perfect polka dots, the effect of the brush strokes will make the design of the leash   become more real. Remember not to use the heavily loaded brush of enamel, and make the stains some distance from each other, as in the picture above. Separate the third color of enamel chosen and the fine brush. A cool tip is to cut out a common nail polish brush, which you no longer use, so it will thin out and help you do the drawing. With the fine brush contour around the spots you had made before, so it is important to leave the space between them, the outline does not have to be completely, make the outline in a “C” shape with a few patches around, and you can let the brush shake, so that the onion effect seems more real, at the end clean the corners and will be ready your nail clipper (check, beautiful and elegant and fashionable.

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Nails of Oncinha Pictures: