New Mini Laser Projector For Installation In Smartphones

In Switzerland specifically for the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), we currently a Mini laser projector developed, large which should be only a cubic centimeter.

The device is to be distributed by companies Lemoptix. According to liuxers, the commercial usage for this laser projector is intended for medical applications, smartphones, laptops, digital cameras . Thanks to the small size and one to 30% lower energy consumption to the device have enormous advantages over the previously available projectors. The biggest advantage of the mini laser projector, however, is that he can fully be integrated due to the small size and low energy consumption in the mentioned devices. The MEM (micro electro-mechanical) system ensures by means of a small mirror of less than a millimeter thick is, the figure of the desired content on the screen. This small mirror swings up to 20,000 times per second and represents the desired content by means of the three filtered laser rays, representing the red, green and blue laser light.

Lemoptix Team had initial successes in dealing with the newly developed device. At a distance of 50 cm to the projection background, the meme was a display of 15 inches. Larger images can be reach back move the device by projection. The sharpness adjustment should be unnecessary.According to the development team , the device consumes 30% less energy than the previous mirror matrix or LED based technologies. The needed components in large quantities produce relatively cheap you want to you can also. The small size and low power consumption recommend this device for use in smartphones. Professor Maher Kayal of the EPFL explained some details about the new laser projector in the following video.

The unit until at least 2012 for the consumer electronics availableshall be according to Lemoptix. However one wants already to the meme in the coming year for industrial customers available. Applications are conceivable such as in the car industry as a Head-up Display or inmedical technology. Also an interaction where users touch the screen to control, is to imagine indoors Lemoptix.