New “Usb Modem” Vodafone: Toshiba G450

Vodafone introduces the Toshiba G450 as your new USB modem but it also includes the functions of basic mobile phone and mp3 player.

Toshiba G450 is a device HSDPA that allows for speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps (provided that coverage and your fare also allow that speed) and despite can be used as a mobile, not allow the function of mms or other already so common as photos or bluetooth camera. Mp3 is also limited to a maximum of 160MB of internal memory that not allows extensions using memory cards.

The connection mode is similar to other USB modems since it is only necessary to connect it using the USB cable included that it will automatically install the software needed to connect to it is a Plug and Play device.

To be able to acquire this “modem” will be forced to hire any of the data rates and only if you wish, you can also hire a voice plan that will allow you to use the telephone functions.

The modem is available in black color for individuals with stay of 18 months for €59 if you browse Mini, or €39 rate associated with sailing Plus or browse and speaking rate. Additionally soon also be available for customers of companies and the points program.