Night Time Cycling Safety

When we go out to work, it’s gray, and when you go home, it’s dark. And if the city of light shining brightly, better be careful, because on two wheels, we are not always as visible than we imagine. Reflective vest, orange on wheels, reflectors reflectors… Nothing is too much trouble for our bike. Learn about the equipment you need to ride safely after dark.

Effective Lighting

It sounds obvious, yet more than a third of the accidents involving a cyclist is due to a lack or total absence of light. A bike in the city must be equipped with two lights: a light yellow or white at the front and a red light to the rear. To enlighten you on your bike, there are two solutions: lighting kits or dynamo.

This simple, pretty and efficient kit arises easily thanks to an elastic solid as practice. Green, yellow, red, blue, white… There are of all colors.

To always have the style, opt for this light before vintage.

If you want to impress everyone (at the risk of having an accident) and make jealous all passers-by, opt for the Monkey Lights, funky lighting that installs on your wheel:

This stop light discreet allows you to indicate to other road users when you brake, and installs quickly on your brake cable. It is triggered by simple pressure when you brake.

To make known its changes of direction, nothing better than this blinking connected by a cable to a control box and the brake sensor.

It is also important to see to be seen! In the same way as the scooters and cars, bikes are also entitled to their rearview mirror. This one has a mirror wide angle to have visibility into what happens behind and the flashing light indicates the direction changes.

Fluorescent Clothing and Colorful

In addition to a system of lighting and preferably colorful clothes, a certified retro reflective vest must be worn. If it is pretty basic, you can customize it at will! In a which will appeal to the eco pedal followers:

Reflective armbands to carry arms or legs draw the attention of other users of the road thanks to our movements. We recommend that these bracelets stay-up very playful and easy to put on (and it costs only €1!).

For a bit more fancy, this cuff with LEDs flashing equally assure you security!

This original signage system ensures a very high visibility, ideal to be seen in the distance, when we pedal the streets submerged in the dark.

Last one for the hard and big budget: the helmet Lumos. For €300 on shopareview, it has an accelerometer, and does not merely before slot with 14 very bright LED lighting, or to report your position to the other vehicles in the back. The Lumos alert when you brake but also when you expect to turn