Nokia Lumia 720 in the Test

The Lumia 720 supplements the Lumia range now comprehensive five devices in the midfield and is even a highlight, as shown in the test.

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Typical Lumia is that many, even gaudy colors available, very sturdy unibody enclosure. It encloses a non replaceable battery, which helps the Lumia 720 to the longest operating time of all Lumia-phones.

Over seven hours of typical endurance characterized this endurance with its large 2000 mAh battery, in the pure talk time in GSM networks, it is enough even for over 15 hours, which will be completed in an impeccable sound quality.

With nine millimeters, the very slightly frosted housing of the Lumia 720 remains very flat, in the pleasant sides rounded the holder for SIM and micro-SD card are installed, the memory can be expanded with the latter.

In the hand, the not too wide with 68 millimeters Lumia is very well since it is considerably lighter in comparison to the larger models of 820 and 920: our precision scale shows 128 grams.

Well balanced equipment

While it has a 4.3-inch display with 800 x 480 pixels, like the Lumia 820 resolution. This is a good choice for everyday use and reasonable claims. The Lumia 720 on TFT technology is compared with the larger Lumias equipped with OLED displays. This brings light loss of color saturation and the viewing angle stability, stands out the more expensive counterparts but with a brightness benefit in the blazing sunlight.

Saved Nokia has something at the hardware base, so the here with 1 instead of 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor is clocked at. This is barely noticeable in normal operation, at most challenging tasks and resource-consuming apps suffer from slightly below the lower bar.

Since the limited to 8 GB Flash memory, about 4.7 GB are available, could be more like the needle. This is true at least for users who install like many sophisticated apps that can lie only in the internal memory. Music, videos, and pictures can be outsourced, however, up to 64 GB optional memory card.

No LTE, but good reception

Deleted Nokia at the Lumia 720 also has the LTE support. But with HSPA up to 21 Mbit / s in the down and 5.76 Mbit / s in the upload on the mobile Internet is very fast on the road, especially as 720 in the UMTS network thanks to convincing radio performance well connection finds. So the absence of LTE mainly in busy hotspots and in rural areas with generous expansion of LTE 800 is noticeable.

As a luxury feature that supports 720 NFC: near field communication today partly helps the Bluetooth pairing and will open many application fields in the future.

The camera supplied by Carl Zeiss is very bright with a nominal aperture of 1.9, convinced by the quality of the image, even if the resolution of 6.1 Megapixels is slightly below the class average.

In addition to the hardware, the Lumia can music + convince with its hint of personal habits customizable homescreen, the free and offline usable turn-turn navigation available for the ROOF area and streaming service, Nokia free in its basic version.

Bottom line: Cheaper high-flyer

This shows the Lumia services compelling 720 bedraggled only slightly compared to top smartphones facilities in all areas and ALZA for 379 euro to the cheap high fliers in the Nokia range.