Nook Tablet with ROOT and with Android Market

The developers are willing to squeeze the maximum capabilities of all terminal with Android who falls into his smanos, although this will bypass the security restrictions imposed on companies that want to develop closed products, such as Amazon with its Kindle Fire, that has already received its ROOT, or as in this case with Barnes & Noble and the Nook Color, an Android-based eBook reader.

And is that We have managed to jump the limitations of the tablet eBook reader, allowing them, among other things, to install the long-awaited Android Market to gain access to the hundreds of thousands of applications that features and get the most out of the terminal. That Yes, it is notified that the process is far more complex than many of today’s terminals.

First of all, for all those interested in doing so, you need to download the Android SDK and Java development kit, something not too complicated for developers but complex for the average user. After that you have to connect the tablet and modify the application of the Market, which will give us access to the majority of applications, and if they make some changes more can access the diverse capacities.

As a gift, we leave you with a video that shows the Nook rooted with a sample of how it behaves the Market with this Terminal