Nooka With Sassy Designer Watches

Many have already heard of the Nooka brand. Many others not. This post is to bring you the brand somewhat closer and help you to understand the concept behind Nooka.


Nooka was founded in 2004 by the graphic designer Matthew Waldman. Initially it was just a side project with which he wanted to bring his skills in the field of graphic design in conjunction, by he should design a watch company Seiko. Then, the first Nooka watch produced so, new designers are joined and the current side project at once became a full-time job.

Special features

Brand Nooka watches are no normal watches. And that was the goal by ITYPETRAVEL.

“My inspiration was a reminder. I was sitting in a hotel in London, waiting for a customer and noticed a giant clock on the wall. It somehow reminded me of the clock that hung in the first class at the wall. I remembered that I at that time had to be taught how to read the clock. Then it had to be taught once again me in fifth grade, as the watches were modern. […] I wasn’t sure, there are other ways to read the time.”

Waldman took to heart this reminder and inspiration. The watches of the Zen series are particularly popular. The time one reads there as follows: 4 horizontal bars are on the clock. The first two show the hours, the third displays the minutes and the last seconds.

Another popular series is the series of Zex. On the clock, a district is consisting of 12 points that indicate the hours. Underneath is a bar that displays the minutes.

According to these descriptions, you can see the specifics of the Nooka watches so: the time is represented in a completely new way and thus brings crazy designs.


Waldman laid down the so-called “Nookafesto”, which is the cornerstone for Nooka.

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On these 6 pillars Nooka built up, is how last but not least is to recognize the crazy designs of watches. To get the clocks in various stores or through our site.