Onedrive Wins Smart Search of Images and Albums So

There are times that generous space ceased to be the only attraction of storage services in the cloud. Aware of this, Microsoft follows updating onedrive: this week, the company announced some features quite interesting for the service, as searches based on the content of files and automatic insertion of tags in pictures.

In the first case, the onedrive will use the engine Bing to search within documents in formats Office and PDF, useful, for example, for when you need to find certain information, but do not know which file contains.

The search will also be smarter with photos, further increasing rivalry with Google Drive. The onedrive be able to identify text within images and index this data. So, if you search for “Copacabana”, for example, all photos that contain this word will appear in the results. Information such as dates and locations of the images may also be used as parameters in the search.

The automatic tags feature also related to the research. The onedrive analyze the images to recognize actions and contexts. In a photo of the beach, for example, the service will be able to identify what’s there and create labels like “beach”, “people”, “sand” and “sun”.

This feature is connected with Adam , Microsoft Research project that uses artificial intelligence to not only recognize objects and environments in the images, but also tocontextualize them and classify them.

Microsoft is also expanding the automatic image backup function. You can now do it from service apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The idea now is to send to onedrive photos from digital cameras, external hard drives and flash drives when these devices are connected to the computer.

When done automatically upload a large number of images, the onedrive can send some of them to your email with a link to the entire collection. It is a way to enjoy them again, or forwarding the message, share them with friends and relatives.

Another announcement is the new album so that improves the viewing experience of images with larger thumbnails, presentations collage format and automatic adaptation to varying sizes screens.

As these updates should make use of onedrive increase – it is what Microsoft hopes – free additional space for image storage is being expanded from 15 GB to 30 GB.

The news will appear for all users in the coming days. Some, like the new album, are now available on iOS. Microsoft promises not to take to update the apps for Android and Windows Phone.