Osrams Cheaper Led Replacement For 40-Watt-“Light Bulbs”

LED lighting is sold according to a recent study by “OSRAM-SYLVANIA” (USA) especially about brightness, energy efficiency, lifetime and last but not least the price. The German parent company OSRAM offers a new version of the E27 lamp especially cost-conscious newcomers “LED Star classic A-40”, which in part will be sold under the Psychologically important 10-euro threshold.

Ordinary brand-LED lamps in the single-digit euro range are of course nothing new: Philips has since spring 2012 a “low budget” line, US-LED Giant cracked “Cree” this year low price records for dimmable led “Retrofits” and numerous other providers make fishing their bulbs by price-sensitive consumers in the “under-10 euro bargain pond”.

OSRAM wanted to assemble in the autumn of 2012 with a new, convenient, non – dimmable LED equivalent to a 40 watt strong “standard”-Glühlampe actually already this waters. The current “warm white” model with the same name and product code was 3 euros above the magical ten at this time. Then put Ba yern in the short term, but other priorities and instead presented lamps in the middle price segment to 20 euro – among other things a 470-lumens dimmable LED-“Pear” 7.5 Watt in the “Professional”section with the beautiful long name “Parathom classic A 40 advanced 7.5 W/827 E27″ “.

No close relatives

Now there is a new version of the considerably more affordable in the “Consumer”line”LED Star classic A 40 8 W / 827 E27″ (Download pdf of the data sheet), which is offered at an special action of electronics the sender “Conrad” shipping for under 10 euros. Although some similarities with the label and some nominal similarities suggest a more kinship, the outer and inner differences talking lamp for a distant cousin of 7.5 watts of powerful “Advanced”.

Added: both have an E27 screw base, deliver 470 lumen luminous flux with a “warm white” color temperature of approximately 2700 Kelvin and a color rendering index RA 80. It’s also. The efficiency of the new “LED Star Classic” the three years one year warranty period is slightly weaker with 59 lumens/Watt, the shorter, the predicted lifetime of only 15,000 instead of 25,000 light hours, the number of guaranteed, can switching cycles with 100,000 only half the size and also the dimensions are compact: 110 mm long instead of 116, 60 mm diameter instead of 62.

These “paper values” are incidentally consistently englishs peaking served on the OSRAM LED packaging (right section). According to the company, this is because they should be universally usable and not only in the German-speaking world.

And how does she see in the Animalerts, the new, super cheap “LED Star classic A 40”? At first glance like an ideal, discreet successor of the traditional “bulb”: Almost identical mass, very plain, white plastic housing with Matt dome and without external cooling fins or air diffusers. It is not outwardly even her big sister “LED Star classic A 60” 810 lumens to differentiate. The weight of “A 40′ 107 grams should be no lamp fixture problems (light bulb approx. 36 g).

Mini soldering point is not a manufacturing defect

Between screw base and bottom edge of the housing, a small soldering point on (picture right)falls in the “A 40”. Here, the power supply lead to the driver Electronics is – similar to fixed just as with Cheap LED lights of some competitors -. This place is hidden by screwing in a version.

After switching on lights the “LED Star classic” without noticeable delay, are no disturbing sounds and produces greater brightness than a 40-watt incandescent bulb over most of a full circle. The half value angle is 150 degrees, the “field angle” (with at least one-tenth of the maximum luminous intensity) would have to be by my count over 200 degrees. The new OSRAM A 40 shines not only in one direction, but slightly elliptical with a “dent” in the direction of base.

In contrast to many other led “Standard”-E27 lamps with strong directional effect the new OSRAM “Pear” can be used more flexibly. In hanging Assembly – for example, over a dining table – a large part of the light is emitted even side and on the ceiling. The rest of the room is not completely in the dark.

Light quality for the price range above average

The impression of the light color is similar to that again the dimmable 7.5 Watt-“Classic A 40 Advanced”: the direct views of the lamp head significantly “colder” than a 40-watt light bulb, the indirect views of the illuminated objects, however, there is no much difference (the luminous image photo above gives this impression quite well).

With the color fidelity the distant cousins get nothing also. Also particularly difficult for LED bulbs deep red and soft skin tones are rendered acceptable with a slight shift of the yellow. Lamps of this type should be used eventually not in operating the atres or about the butcher counter, but mostly in apartments. This is the light quality fine – especially in this price range.

Pretty amazing I think that the kühlrippenlose, completely smooth and undurchbrochene housing works apparently thermally well. In continuous operation in my open test version, that has been at the hottest spot on the base of the lamp not above 65 degrees warm; the dome remained at around 30 degrees. Similarly shaped lamps of competition come just above the base partly up to 75 degrees. For comparison: the OSRAM “Classic A 40 advanced” with strongly ribbed housing reached maximum 50 degrees in my test in February.

My test result:

I’m glad that OSRAM on the tree of very low-cost LED lighting a really good “bulbs” grow. Similar as with the competitors in this segment, there are costs caused primarily mild compromising of the expected service life and heat dissipation, as well as the missing dimming, but no significant loss of light quality and function.

LED newcomers get a genuine “gateway drug” that visually reminds of traditional “light bulbs”, but exactly saves 80% electricity compared to the 40-watt lamp. As I can but in good conscience of my ‘0 to 5’-LED scale awarded the maximum score for non – dimmable lamps: four star.