Outdoor GPS for Hiking & Camping

With the GPS navigation device to hike

What for a long time in the car belongs to the standard equipment, now also comes in the outdoor area greatly in fashion. A GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation device has arrived at many hikers. The navigation by satellite replaces trekking and hiking watching navigation with map and compass. This makes it almost impossible to get lost in unknown ways. GPS devices can, however, much more than to only determine their own location. With the new navigation equipment for hiking can be before the tour any waypoints, enter, can be run by those along. It is meanwhile possible to choose based electronic cards from home in a completely unknown country a suitable distance and to explore this later. Despite all the advantages that brings such a useful tool with them, there are always disadvantages. One of these drawbacks is that the satellite link may suddenly lost or the battery is not sufficient for the way back. To such a dangerous situation not to be helpless, a GPS navigation device in addition to the Mastery orientation to map and compass should always only be the third option, which is used as an aid to navigation. Visit  loverists for sleeping bag buying guide.

To find out from the now large market offer the right device for yourself, you should know before buying, what features of future electronic walking guide should contain absolutely. Of those, there are many, what most laymen initially sometimes confused. Virtually all GPS handsets contain certain basic functions that can be incredibly easy to navigate. This includes, for example, the display of the current position on the display, the display of altitude, the current direction of movement and speed. It also shows which removal has been left behind and what time was it necessary. Most navigation devices are characterized today also the distance hiking trail on and able to return to nature lovers via trackback function at the start of the route. A Light for this technical guidance is to navigate through the straight line to a point on the map or to follow a specified route. After a successful tour to see all the information about the connection to the computer can be transferred to the hard disk. fitted as standard are now also WAAS systems (Wide Area Augmentation System). Simply put, behind this system, an extension that makes it possible to be able to receive without any additional long wave receiver signals. Also required by WAAS no additional transmitting stations. Besides WAAS never new Handheld GPS included as standard and the EGNOS system (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service).Unlike WAAS, which originated in northern Europe, the EGNOS system was developed by Europeans. It works basically like, such as WAAS and is in operation in October of 2009.

Anyone who wants to buy a special GPS handset via the usual basic functions, on the waiting attractive additional functions. Among them are electronic cards for charging, barometric altimeter and even GPS units that are waterproof. Those who invest a little more money, get navigation devices that also have a road navigation, are equipped with color display and can be used via a voice output.

When buying a GPS navigation system should always be ensured that the display of the device and is easily readable in direct sunlight. Some cheap cell phones do not have a real need to catch up in this area. It is also important that the memory of the device can be extended, so that the base maps already installed can be upgraded by own electronic cards. Who wants to use his GPS navigation device not only for trekking, for to offer combined devices, which simultaneously allow navigation of the bicycle and can be used as a bike computer. Interestingly, these devices are also because they usually support the new sport of geocaching, when it comes to make a GPS-based scavenger hunt hiding places. Geocaching enjoys lately growing in popularity and offers fun for young and old for outdoor enthusiasts.

An important criterion before buying should also be the one-hand operation all the functions. If this one-handed operation is not included on the GPS device, it is hardly possible to use the electronic guide to the bicycle.

To be sure which device convinced ultimately to purchase, it is advisable to first use a loan that is provided by many manufacturers. Alternatively, I ask you not to have a little patience, because my next article is about a comparison & review of different GPS systems.