Outdoor Umbrellas: How to Choose the Best for Your Garden

Do you want to add a little shade in your personal green space, and you are considering the purchase of Garden umbrellas?

You couldn’t have made a better choice, a piece of furniture that is as beautiful to behold as it is functional so great for your garden, but if you haven’t yet picked out the pattern for your needs, this article will help you: I want to talk to you about outdoor umbrellas, of different kinds and the best placement of various models.

Why Use of Garden Umbrellas

For your chance to enjoy the paradise of your own home, even when the Sun’s rays are high in the sky and burning, one should not underestimate the importance of shelter.
In addition to protecting us from UV rays, in fact, an area of cool shade on hot days is ideal for lower body temperature far enough to resume sitting in the Sun for a Tan – and to avoid boring sunstroke.

In addition to its primary function of coverage, a garden parasol can ensure privacy safeguarding your privacy from prying neighbors, to enjoy your garden without curious eyes on him.

According to necessaryhome,  the umbrellas for outdoor can add that extra touch that was missing to your outdoor furniture, modern elegant design templates and current.

Different models of Umbrellas for All Needs

Many people prefer a parasol in a garden gazebo, and the main reason lies in space: the gazebos are used most often in large gardens where there is a need for an area of shadow of a certain size.
But if your garden is small or you don’t have much space to devote to an umbrella, but don’t want to give up a bit of coolness, there are several models that can do for you.

First, a first distinction: there are Garden umbrellas with central pole, decentralized or banana and we can make a choice based on the advantages of each.

In addition, the garden umbrellas can be of various shapes and sizes, or round, square or rectangular, with different types of cloth or opening mechanisms: Classic, hand-cranked or double pulley, to make it as smooth as possible the opening and closing of the umbrella.

The difference is made by the materials, as some models can be made of aluminum or wood, depending on your taste and need to make the umbrella as stable as possible, or easily repositioned.

Parasols with Swivel Base

An interesting variant that adapts easily to different contexts is that of umbrellas with Swivel base. Is new in our catalog and adds more flexibility in the use of the umbrella. On many occasions, in fact, move a few centimeters the shadow area becomes a necessity, and swivel base is a valuable ally in this.

Garden Umbrellas with Led Light

A great convenience for those who want to enjoy the outdoors even in the evening hours is that of the integration of Led lights. In some models, these are already presented, in others you can add them as accessories and solve the problem of elegant and functional outdoor lighting.

How to Choose the Right Parasol

A key factor in choosing the right parasol is certainly the space you have available in your garden.

If you have little space to devote to the umbrella, the kind with central support is what you need, a medium size and round or square shape, which can project a shadow over at least a couple of chairs and maybe on a small table.
This is the solid solution, because the Central foot manages to hold the whole structure.

If, instead, you get a few meters to devote to structure to create the shadow, you might opt for a larger sized umbrella: there are of various sizes, but the most popular is the parasol garden 3 × 3 and 3 × 4 garden parasol.
It is very large installations, which then require several meters that we can occupy, but with the advantage of getting a cool and shaded much bigger.

Models and Variants

The round or Square Garden umbrellas and with central pole are those most likely to freshen up a corner of the terrace or a garden that is not very spacious, while the decentralized garden parasol rectangular and is more suitable for larger gardens or dining areas of restaurants, hotels or bars.
In this case, the choice of side arm parasol turns out to be perfect even in windy areas, since the entire structure is supported by a lateral support that holds the cover by an external structure and not from within.

You can choose your outdoor umbrella also bearing in mind the material of which it is composed, choosing between aluminum and wood depending on requirements, the budget or the time to spare then.

It is well known that the aluminum parasols are lighter, but weatherproof and maintenance free, while those with wooden skeleton, although sturdy and suitable for wooden garden furniture, need care keep the annual wood treated and protected from mildew or deformation caused by time and weathering.

Garden Umbrellas Rates & Reservations

I want to buy a garden parasol but prices?

As with so many other pieces of furniture, even regarding the garden umbrellas models exist within reach of every budget, with costs starting from a few tens of euros up to a few hundred.
The principle, there are three elements that affect the price:

  • Greatness
  • Fabric of the umbrella
  • Optional

Of course, the bigger an umbrella and plus the cost will rise, and the relationship is directly proportional to the quality of the cloth, and finally contributing to the remodeling of upward price are extras, such as the integrated led lighting or the ability to turn the umbrella where you need shade, without having to move every time the anchor leg.