Overalls, How to Wear and Where?

Let’s talk a little about how to wear overalls? Can this piece be used at any time? And how can we combine it with other parts and accessories?

Wearing overalls is a delight, and do you know why?Firstly because to put together a look with it you do not need any other piece, which makes your day easier when you are not very inspired and secondly because it is usually a very comfortable piece, since its cut is usually more “loose” “And allows you to accomplish all your daily tasks without your look being” messy “at the end of the day.

Besides all this, the overall is great for silhouette because it has an elongating effect because it makes our eyes follow in an upright position.With the overalls we only have to be careful with the trim, because if it is too fair can mark the body too much and point out any imperfections.

It is also a very versatile piece and can be used in any occasion, for work, for day to day, for night, for parties, weekend and even more formal events, just choose the correct model for each occasion.

How about some suggestions of model and looks?

Overalls at work or more formal events

For the more formal work you prefer flat fabric models, without pattern or with smaller print, discreet colors, without deep neckline and with sleeves.Combine with tight-fitting high-heeled sandals and scarfs, medium-sized bags and discreet accessories.

Overalls on more relaxed appointments or work

On weekends, more relaxed appointments and casual dress code work, the fabric can be knit or even jeans and you can abuse the prints and the colors.Combine with flats, heeled sandals, slippers, sneakers and slippers, cross-bags and larger and have fun with accessories.

Overalls for evening

For the evening or more stylish events wear flat fabrics, jersey, straps and strategize neckline with sandals or high heels, maxi wallets and impact accessories.

Party Jacket

You can perfectly replace the long dress for a overalls and in that case, use fine fabrics, shine, necklines, metallic or embroidered details and combine with high-heeled shoes or sandals, sophisticated clutch and accessory.

Pantacourt Overalls

The pantacourt jumpsuit is on high and so updates the look, as well as being great for summer because its shorter length makes the look cooler.For the smallest and smallest, it is best to wear nude or high-heeled shoes to prevent the silhouette from flattening.

Little monkey

The little monkey is a very relaxed and very interesting piece to wear in the summer, great for those who are not afraid to show their legs and can be worn both with low sandals, sneakers and sneakers in more relaxed looks, such as high heels in more”Tidy up.”

Overalls in winter

In winter just add a jacket, jacket, knit or warm to overlap to a nice shirt and wear with more closed shoes or boots.

And now that you already know how to compose many beautiful looks in overalls and also know that you can go anywhere with him, let’s find the coveralls of your dreams and raze there?And do not forget that the most important thing is to feel good about your clothes and to translate your style, your taste and your life with your dressing style!Try it!

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