Overnighter At Uracher Waterfall

No sooner has the new year begun, it’s already pulling me out again. Unfortunately, the winter is still in the lurch, so that from a tour in the snow is nothing. With the Uracher waterfall we have still found a nice destination for the first Overnighter of the year.

The Entrance At Night

When we arrive at the parking lot in Bad Urach at about 7:30 pm it is already dusk. Without the headlights we would hardly have seen the hand before our eyes. But since the afternoon had already stopped raining, our small hiking group consisting of four people, dry feet, sneaked on the well-developed hiking trail in the direction of the waterfall. The ascent to the waterfall itself is facilitated by many steps. You will soon realize that this place is designed for many tourists. But on this clumsy winter’s evening we have the waterfall all by ourselves.

As we stomp through the blackness to the spring of the waterfall, I only see the stairs in the light of the headlights.You can hear a rushing and rippling of the waterfall next door, but the night view is not sufficient to guess its dimensions. It is not until the next morning that this natural drama can be admired.

Cozy Barbecue

The place in front of the spring of the waterfall is well developed. Let’s get ready at one of the fire places and start a fire on which to fry our meat. The advantage of an overnighter is, of course, that you do not have to pay attention to the weight when eating. So I try the evening with a Cordon Bleu, a beef steak to Texas style and a shish kebab. Then there was orange juice and a fresh bread.

Overnight At Uracher Waterfall

The night was rather uncomfortable. We decided to stay on the concrete floor of the open hut, which was of course rock hard. Besides, there was a strange peep from the hut all night, the source of which could not be identified. But on the whole we got through the night and could now take a look at the waterfall.

The Urach Waterfall

As a rule, the visitors see the waterfall near Bad Urach from below. However, since we did not see anything in the ascent, the first impressions of this nature play come from a different perspective. You have a nice view over the valley. The little brook, which springs from a spring equal to 70m behind the waterfall, flows over the cliff and falls down into the valley just before my eyes. From here the whole looks relatively unspectacular.

Only at the descent will I realize the beauty of this place. The waterfall divides down here in many directions and looks for its further way into the valley. Directly beside it the stepped path winds upwards. This path is equipped with a good number of benches, so you can watch the spectacle in peace. Certainly also a nice trip for the family.

We will definitely come and look at the waterfall when wrapped in a green dress of leaves. The waterfall near Bad Urach is definitely one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Not otherwise Bad Urach is a well-known health resort. Have fun visiting the Urach waterfall!