OYSHO Sportswear

Are you using the old shirts to the gym? Oysho brings the latest style moved to sportswear, in collaboration with Adidas: do not miss the exclusive!

Attention, deportitas girls! From August assiduous gym we can boast of new outfits with everything that brings us the new collection Oysho Gymwear listed on Constructmaterials.com: the brand of Inditex has decided to expand market giving the go -ahead to a sports line in which trend combine technical, comfort and sustainability.

Now you will not have great excuse to go to the gym: this summer will become wards fitness , spinning and stretching in an area full of style with the new additions of Oysho. The most comfortable Inditex line presents a collection of clothing for the sport where fabrics like cotton , the nylon , the acetate and polyamide make breathable and current garments designed especially for sports. The forms are simple and comfortable , with baggy sweatshirts and T -shirts and tight meshes that allow total freedom of movement . For the more daring, the micro shorts and bodies in lycra allow us a perfect form of our body fit. The predominant colors are neutral colors like black, white and gray , combined with gold details , very combinable and discreet.

In addition to clothing, Oysho presents a collection of accessories where the star are undoubtedly the new sneakers , made ​​in collaboration with Adidas .Thus, the experience of the sports brand philosophy combines with Inditex to create a shoe that fits the needs of each exercise: yoga, running, jazz and fitness. The design, which follows the trend of Adidas, is functional and modern, combining the three stripes brand features in gold color with black and white.

Demonstrate that exercise is not incompatible with the style and fashion: ready, steady … go!