Pabobo Lumilove Savanoo Night Light Giraffe

Hello everyone. I hope you are all fine.

Today I will talk about my test pilot Lumilove Savanoo Giraffe in Pabobo.

Initially for aesthetics, I find it very cute.

A pretty face with giraffe legs and arms roses. Practical and not great, the baby can hug based on

It is hinged to entertain baby. One can sit, stand and put up her arms. I find it quite original because of a sudden more than a night, it also becomes a toy for baby.

Once the pilot turned it distributes soft, warm colors for the bedroom, two settings are possible.

It is very convenient because you can take it everywhere whether on holiday with grandma and grandpa or with the nanny. It is rechargeable on sector and takes about 8 hours.

This night can get into bed with the baby or on the bedside table.

My daughter never left the sunsets have become easier and it’s really reassuring.

It became impossible for her to fall asleep without (charger still in the bag).

The price is reasonable, you can find it on the site Oxybul to 29.90 euros.

The pilot light to reassure baby

I confess that I do not realize the importance of a night. I had already tested mobile but no success. So I abandoned the idea of ​​”aid” to sleep with the girlfriend and giraffe I’ve changed my mind.

The pilot Lumilove is not only a pilot but also a companion of sleep that baby can take with him.

You have different styles like Savano Hippo that will be perfect for a little boy.
So I recommend without hesitation this beautiful night.

Fort Point: Attractiveness baby, practice, soft lights

Negative Point: Automnomie 8 hours

And you know this hold for baby?

Have you ever tested a different brand?

I wish you a very good day, feel free to participate in the final competition posted in the category Contest.