Felt Toys-Creative, Fun And Educational

I am absolutely suspect to talk about the beautiful creations of Sweet Lil Emma because I am a real passionate about work in felt. When I was pregnant with Leo-and there was some free time in my life-I did all the decorating baby shower him in felt. I also made felt items of decoration for your room (tables, pillows, mobile, curtain decorations…) and even graces the door of motherhood. Continue reading Felt Toys-Creative, Fun And Educational

Pins for Men’s Suits

We hear little about the pins for man; Yet, this accessory finds favor with the shops, to my delight. Your dandy went on an excursion on the web to see what was good. And oddly enough, sites that I liked be counted on the fingers of the hand.

Let it be said, the exercise of the port of the PIN in humans is far from simple: since it is a rather rare coquetry, your badge will be immediately spotted, scrutinized and gauged, consciously or not, by dozens of pairs of eyes that épieront you without respite. Continue reading Pins for Men’s Suits

Skinny Jeans: How to Use, Templates, Tips

For who doesn’t know the skinny jeans model, it is those pants more justinhas leg gets pasted in body and who was your first version in 1950. The first skinny pants model was presented to the world by film actress who revolutionized the story called Marilyn Monroe, which everyone knows. She was made not only with jeans fabric as eco-leather and also in combination with other types of materials. Continue reading Skinny Jeans: How to Use, Templates, Tips

Maternity Dress of Fluffy Blake Lively – Pregnant Dresses

Check Out Dress Options For Pregnant Women Of Fluffy Blake Lively And Inspired!

Blake Lively is a beautiful American actress, well known because of the television show Gossip Girl. In an event, Blake Lively wore a beautiful white dress midi, who left your comfortable pregnant belly. This midi dress is the inspiration for today’s post, titled fluffy pregnant dress of Blake Lively. Check out and be inspired by these gorgeous dresses! Continue reading Maternity Dress of Fluffy Blake Lively – Pregnant Dresses

Chat Abbreviations As Jewelry

3 letters say more than 1000 words!

Since her own name or words such as “Love” and “Friends” dangled in chains, today it is just chat abbreviations.What OMG, LOL, WTF means, I need probably no one who is surfing daily in the waves of social communities.As it is in the generations about us already different.For those, it is, understandably, only 3 senseless letters.But they do not know that there are feelings of emotions behind them.You do not know Facebook, Twitter or the chat language in general … But you will know: There you are flooded with such abbreviations because the whole smileys and emoticons are not yet enough … But not only in the virtual world are feelings and emotions are expressed, but where is that still done?Correct;in fashion and the world of jewelry.With the trends of the chat language it is like with Modetrends: Either you love or hates them. Continue reading Chat Abbreviations As Jewelry