Panda Bear Pajamas for Adults

Japan came to us not only with the kimono, tea ceremony and wonderful works of Hayao Miyazaki pajama costumes of animals and cartoon characters – have become wildly popular in Europe. And pajamas-panda, perhaps the most popular of them.
What is this?
pajama in Japan are called artists, dressed in full costume of the character or the beast. They are often attracted to work with children in major shopping malls, offices in theme parks and festivals anime. The suit itself, so named as an artist.
We already have pajama steel used as pajamas. Initially he not I supposed. Just walk the streets in such uncomfortable, but you get used to a wonderful and funny role of lovable animal – really want. And adapted them below the home clothes.
pajama take the form of sessions with a hood, which are the eyes and ears. Back nice and touching sewn tail.

Features on

Suit pajamas good panda namely its flexibility. There you can also indulge in housework (we should choose is not too capacious version) to sleep or just lie in front of the TV.
Produced almost all the costumes from fleece – a pleasant, soft and warm material. Related to this is another advantage – in winter it will be particularly cozy and warm. Fleece well kept at washing, something long form new reserves. fastens suit comfortably ahead of the zipper or buttons.


Opportunities animal kostyumchikov great multitude. One of the most popular: pajamas in the form of royal panda (white to black) or red panda. Finally, because the panda itself is not common in our climate, are often confused with enotom or foxes hand.
Usually pajama they look like overalls, but for the convenience of home use of manufacturers produce them in the form of kit: trousers and jacket with hood in snake.
Summer version – overalls panda-pajamas made of thin fleece. In this model, shorts, shorts above the knee and short sleeves. And, of course, a hood.

For the Whole Family

Effective insane popularity pajama can be found for everyone. Women pajamas-panda – a great option for a gift for a friend or sister. Almost all models come as unisex – suitable for both men and women. Difference can be further izыskah models (for example, Hearts kneeling). Especially look cute children’s pajamas-panda.