Pantsuits: With One Of The Most Important Autumn Trunks

Men’s shirt, boyfriend jeans, trousers suits: clothes that clean up with typical gender roles bring tension into a look! Why should suits look good only on men? 

Marlene Dietrich or Marilyn Monroe, the play with masculine elements, dominated film decades ago when, in strict men’s suits, casual men’s jeans, and co-operatives, they expressed a new image of women. Today, “gorgeous” pieces such as trousers suits enrich our wardrobes with a welcome change and today, as then, offer the perfect basis for a wide range of different looks between feminine and androgyn.

Pantsuits are no longer just solid partners in the business area! The supposedly strict combination of classic trousers and blazers feels amazingly well on the red carpet or in the everyday life thanks to creative cuts, trendy colors and an infinite number of styling possibilities.And why not try to mix the next party in your trousers suit?

Anything But Petty: Why Pants Suits Are Now So Hip

If women were trousers or even a suit at the beginning of the twentieth century, this was a real affront. Women were in a suit “not salonfähig”-that has changed thank God. And much more: Today, trousers are not only the first choice of top politicians such as Angela Merkel or Hillary Clinton, but have established themselves above all in the business area next to the classic costume their firm place as a sovereign look of successful women. Thanks to the newly interpreted variants, trousers suits this season as well as the casual area of ​​the ladies fashion vigorously!

The masculine trend continues with the still fashionable (and so wonderfully comfortable) boyfriend look as a style sheet. The new trousers showcases itself as a cool and surprisingly changeable outfit for every day-how to look at the classic times With retro charm, with feminine eye wink or sporty nonchalance, you can find out here!

Retro: On the theme “Schlaghose” this autumn, there is no way around in trousers suit! In the course of the Seventies revival trousers with folded pleats, (more or less strongly) flared pants or from patterned fabrics. Suit jackets with a defined shoulder area are reminiscent of the power-look of the 80s and also look great in jeans or slim skirts.

Classic: Covered colors such as black, anthracite, navy blue or gray are still a solid trousers suit choice. They can be combined very well as well as beige or cream-colored pants suits and make a good job especially as an office look! Blazers or pants of a suit can be used individually as a serious basic part and for example together with a pencil skirt, a noble blouse or a narrow roll collar sweater style.

Oversized: Pants that look like they are a (or two) numbers too big, are extremely popular this season! The Oversize look with striking shoulders, long blazer and wide trousers cuts as well as heavy fabrics sets masculine accents. Getting the best suit out of your partner’s closet is not a good idea, because even if the new pants suits look exuberant: they are matched to the female figure and fit better than the suit of your treasure despite oversize! In addition to extraportion coolness the most powerful argument for the new Oversize cuts: Maximum comfort! The new cuts: Pantsuits with unusual pants shape are hard vogue this fall! A suit whose lower part is called Culotte, Knufund, Marlene, or Palazzohose is as unconventional as a narrow cigarette trouser to the classic blazer. Asymmetrically buttoned, tied or wrapped blazers, however, make for a great look.

The new materials: It can be classic as well as extravagant. Tweed, wool, velvet or cord trousers can be found as well as refined silk or brocade styles. Particularly casual: Jersey or denim material.

The most fashionable colors and patterns: classics such as cockstew, pepita and co. Stand as well as floral patterns, graphic prints, realistic photomotives, checks or stripes. Color shades that are the focus of this autumn include Marsala (a deep red between Bordeaux and violet), rich spice colors, earthy ocher, delicate pastel or striking bangers. If you have the courage to look, you can reach deep into the color box and also wear contrasting colors as a trousers suit!Even “noisy” designs seem to be elegant and dressy in a trouser suit.

The new pants suits and how to style them

The new generation of trousers is cooler than ever and does not take itself too seriously: casual with sneakers or sexy combined with pumps, to tee or sweatshirt as well as to the fine knit rolli or the silk blouse-pants suits are open for different combinations and awaken our styling -Pleasure!

Cool pants were never so cool! With a few clever styling tricks provided by Homosociety, pants suits from their brave business image:

Breaking Style Rules: Typically, woman is wearing a trousers suit blouse (plain) and pumps (even simpler)? Why not even a bit more experimental: The new pants suits can now be combined with almost everything that their own wardrobe provides: Sporty partners such as sneakers or hooded sweaters match the suit trend as well as elegant “for under”, eg paillettoops or sled blouses. The game with different clothing lengths, materials or structures misses the individuality of the trousers, so it does not have anything to do with knitting, lingerie or lace parts for underwear! Narrow roll-ups make for a charming 70s touch, the soft-flowing blouse becomes feminine and with a casual print shirt comes a fine suit even rockig therefore.

Accessories: The rigor of pants suits can be cleverly broken by consciously used accents, eg a striking statement chain or sexy heels. An eye-catcher ring or an exceptional clutch give a simple look the certain something.

Hair & make-up: Even with a refined hairstyle or extraordinary make-up (eg in the form of seductive smokey-eyes or sensual-red lips) you can miss a feminine contrast. Painted fingernails are also a nice way to put a feminine accent. A strictly withdrawn horse tailor or a sleeke short-haired haircut miss an androgynous note to a suit-look – and how sexy the can work, already knew the Dietrich!

With these styling tips, suits will be the king’s discipline for trend-setters:

The new trousers can be combined with flat shoes like masculine laces, sporty sneakers or casual boots, but also extraordinary shoes such as pointed pumps (eg in pop paint or with metal luster), high-front lacing in the retro style or cool plate-suits for lacing fit super.

It does not always have to be a trousers suit from a cast: coming tops and bottoms from a similar color family, even a pair of trousers and a blazer, which as such do not represent a trousers suit, work harmoniously together. The same fabric makes a look even more uniform, if you like it unconventionally, combined with a Brit chic blazer of plaid woolen eg a simple, one-color trousers in matching colors.

Material and structure games add a touch of sophistication: the velvet velvet jacket is a flowing silk top, a seductive lace underneath a retro corded blouse, a sporty tailored suit adjusts to “style-related” jersey or mesh tops.

So why not even start with sturdy leather boots and warm parka in the trousers suit for an autumn Sunday walk or make a night out in a cool suit and fashionable accessories? It would be a shame to carry the new pants suits only in the job, right?