Patchwork: Decorating with Fabric Creates Unique Environments and Beautiful!

The colorful and cozy atmosphere are reason to bet on the patchwork. In addition, decorating with fabrics can be great. See today ideas to renew environments with creativity, taste and economy.

Decorating Suggestions With Patch

The variety of works with fabrics is huge. You can make pouf decorated with patchwork, headboard in patchwork, pillows, rugs, bedspreads, blankets, curtains and even party décor with colourful fabrics that recall the days of Grandma.

After delighting jerk and children throughout the Brazil, the craft was gradually gaining space and credibility, being adapted to different ages and events.

The irresistibly cheerful colors leave any celebration more beautiful and relaxed. The patchwork from the main table of the cake to the guests; chairs covers to the incredible panels to take photos.

In the residences, the patchworks go beyond poufs, armchairs and ornaments the nursery. The trend has been gaining so much space that, today, there is a great line of products inspired by technique. Among them, adhesives for tiles and wallpapers that mimic the craft.

A great solution for those who don’t have time or don’t know how to make patchwork and want to have a wall covered with irreverent and welcoming shape–strongly reminiscent of real tissue.

However, the good is to use original parts, which are more beautiful and valued in the decor with fabric. Here at HACKINGHOMESTUFF.COM, you can find examples of decoration with fabric.

Not to mention that the patch is a great way to pass the time. A hobby that stimulates creativity, imagination, and still facilitates the remodeled home with little money.

The children’s rooms, for example, are perfect to have figures such as animals, cartoon characters, action figures and many others produced with flaps.

Not to miss in decorating with fabric on the wall, combine the material with the rest of the décor, using similar tones. If there are other prints in the room, try to harmonize them to not overload the space visually.

The ideal is to apply the patch in specific walls, calling attention to a given point. Entrance hall, living rooms, bedrooms and other dry environments are most suitable.

Humid areas (kitchen, bathroom, laundry) should be avoided, because contact with water can ruin the fabric over time.

When installing a patch on the wall, you can play at home with various types of fabrics, creating a mix of interesting prints and impossible to go unnoticed.

Another tip is to frame the walls. Include these pieces in an area decorated with fabrics provides a more refined air to handicrafts. On the headboard, for example, is a charm, and keep that special touch that only the patchwork has.

How Is The Patchwork Crafts

It works like this: there are three overlapping layers-top, padding and lining.

At first, the top, the fabrics are sewn to each other; filling serves to give volume; the liner is already the final finishing fabric.

The patchwork is a technique that combines the three layers. It is not difficult. And, currently, are available for purchase many manuals on the job. They can be purchased on newsstands, specialty stores or on the internet.

It’s worth remembering that, in addition to decorate your little corner, you can invest professionally in manual labor with the patchwork, an increasingly strong trend.

Much of the success of the patchwork is in your ability to mail something simple, familiar and pure, an art that has been widely used in decorating with fabrics. The seam of each piece form amazing drawings, just depends on the imagination of who.

So, who knew so much can be done with simple colored fabrics? Yeah… Everything here is just a sample of the universe of shapes, textures and the patchwork solutions. Decorating with fabrics is here to stay!