Philips Fidelio M2L, The First Headphones To Plug Lightning

Taking Lightning, inaugurated on the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini, is a connection owner of Apple. To the General surprise, Philips offers with range Fidelio audiophile headphones exclusively this connection. What’s the point? We will tell you.

It may seem surprising to propose a helmet could not work on mobile devices of a given mark, is exclusively for models released after end of 2012! Only here, the mark in question is called Apple, and its devices nomads, iPhone 5, 5s, 5 c, 6 and 6 Plus, Mini, Mini Retina, Air iPad, iPod Touch ViPad, represent tens of millions of copies already sold, and it is far from over. So the market exists. The question we can ask is: what interest for the consumer? The choice is vast in headphones, why move towards a specific product?

Simply because on principle, the idea is excellent. According to percomputer, when you plug a classic audio headphones on a Jack, it’s at the level of the latter is the digital-to-analog conversion, with a loss of audio quality patent. Just use a good DAC mobile (digital audio converter) to account. Philips offers with his helmet Fidelio M2L to bypass the Jack, the conversion is doing soat the level of the headphones. Advertised as highly qualitative – surprisingly – the integrated 24-bit converter will allow you to enjoy your music files in high resolution. For the rest, the M2L approximates a conventional helmet. Visually very close to a Fidelio M1it is firm, with 40 mm transducers type, and lets hope sound good when you know the range. Its rate will be of €249.

However, two big pitfalls could limit its success. The first, the impossibility to connect Jack, which restricts the use to his Apple device. No way to use on the smartphone Android from a friend, is more than 80% of smartphones! Ditto for a computer fixed as portable, including those fromApple ! And I don’t even know many other brands still in use MP3 players. The second obstacle is that should feed this famous DAC built into the helmet. And it may be more greedy than the one built into your mobile device. You can then have concerns about the impact on thebattery life on your iPad, iPod or iPhone…

In short, the idea is far from being bad, we would have just wished more versatility. We wait and see what will give this headset to listen and use to form an opinion. Keep he is expected on the french market for the month of December.