Pilot Watch Straps

Wristbands I’m liking already one or two times on the nose by I got pretty questionable quality on ebay or Amazon for my money: the leather has stunk unpleasantly, was pretty stiff, and the seams unclean processes and quickly went up. The order with Specialized leather bracelet manufacturers, which are however very scarce in Germany there certainly is an better idea.

In addition to German allround shops which more rely on cheaper, mass-produced or commodity such asWaccex or Watch strap shipping there are also niche providers such as Miro’s time (NATO bands) andCorrigia (vintage / military leather straps). You will find more self producing and Broader-based leather factories abroad and to order there is not for everyone.

I recently found the contact with the operator of a brand new shop from German lands, whose concept I find extremely sympathetic via Facebook: in the new shop you can his wish bracelet completely customise according to own needs. This is then tailored by the holder and all individually made with much hand workand that for a Fair entry price. Here, I want to introduce precisely this shop. An extensively illustrated Hands-On two bracelets which I have configured me, including…


Green pilot Watchstraps shop in detail: what distinguishes the bracelets?

The name confused perhaps at first glance and to take it first of all: No, when Green Pilot Watchstraps there are not only green bracelets for watches   as the owner Christian told me, he’s just an absolute fan of green bracelets on pilot watches, which the name came into being.

Three things characterize the new shop:

First of all there is there only request custom, handmade & hand-stitched watch straps made of leather. With a Modular system, you can choose for example completely free the yarn color, leather color, and the model type .

An exampleconfiguration would be for example:

  • Model:marine
  • Leather:patina green
  • Yarn:pale blue, stronger yarn
  • Bandwidth:24 / 24 mm
  • Band thickness: 5mm (anything between 3-6mm thickness is usually possible)
  • Size:135 / 80mm
  • long end of band:just pointed (english point)
  • Holes:7
  • Edge:easily polished

Of course, other special requests can be considered when green pilot Watchstraps, E.g. for fans of Italian flair:

Second, The owner Christian attaches too much importance to process vegetable-tanned leather , i.e. each band a vegetable-tanned leather on the skin of the customers is ensured. Thus, it excludes skin intolerances that may occur in rare cases of chrome-tanned leather. You will find the corresponding information to the tanning also directly on the website of green pilot Watchstraps. A very transparent, commendable approach.

Thirdly, the shop owner Christian is also a big fan of bright colors, which although may be not for everyone, but definitely for catcher and access E.g. colour accents of watches. Accordingly, the colors of his leather are sorted.

Managed, I think for example the yellow-blue combination:

Of course you will find in the shop but also more subtle shades how Brown or black.

A shortcoming of the shop is, certainly, that there is no standardised ordering system . You need to read a little and click through to find out the individual request configuration as a basis for ordering. The current page is only a temporary solution – 2017 the appearance should be significantly improved. Within this framework, then also the collections will be further expanded. So you want to follow as a Vintage collection .

Many Sample images on Green Pilot Watchstraps help but to make the right decision. And in case of doubt you can contact at any time with a picture of the clock, a new leather band is supposed to get bought, the shop owner Christian: when I wanted to configure the two bands for the Hands-On, I was rather stumped in a few details. As from the gun he shot me Christian but recommendations can for my two watches.

Added: you may not be impatient – specifies a delivery time of up to 4 weeks in the shop. That surprising but only at first glance: as a high quality leather strap is finally not somewhere back from a machine out, but requires many hours of hand work (per piece).

The rough steps are essentially:

  • Cut belt
  • If the thickness of the leather with a splitting machine from sharpening
  • Cut profiles and contours
  • Leather glue
  • Seam courses with various Sattler tool anzeichnen…dabei is a stroke or even a Groove in the leather, the seam is later sunk in that
  • then the band in a sewing clamp is clamped and sewn using Sattler seam

Here are two impressions of the production:

Hands-On: Olive aircraft band and blue naval Ribbon of green pilot Watchstraps

I wanted to buy two of my watches a new look, to make a picture of the leather straps of green pilot Watchstraps me at the same time.

The one there the olive pilot Bracelet (model pilot), which I my LACO B pattern observation watch have mounted. With cheaper China quality, on which I am unfortunately ever fell, has absolutely nothing to do the leather by green pilot Watchstraps: The leather of the olive green flyer band comes from the tannery pergamena in New York. The high quality to get notes to the band immediately: The leather is soft and smells very pleasant – my wife has it smelled and reflexively asked me whether there are also leather handbags in green pilot Watchstraps

Also the cut is clean and any needle stick sits. The rivets provide a great Aviator watches look. Overall, the comfort is very high and it feels almost as when a new clock was moved in my case, because the optics of LACO