Pins for Men’s Suits

We hear little about the pins for man; Yet, this accessory finds favor with the shops, to my delight. Your dandy went on an excursion on the web to see what was good. And oddly enough, sites that I liked be counted on the fingers of the hand.

Let it be said, the exercise of the port of the PIN in humans is far from simple: since it is a rather rare coquetry, your badge will be immediately spotted, scrutinized and gauged, consciously or not, by dozens of pairs of eyes that épieront you without respite.

Too flashy, the pin has quickly to capture the look and to classify its holder in the category of funny extroverts. Poorly matched, she murders suddenly net sought harmonious effect. Sophisticated, she will be the complication too that we will lose the way of authenticity.

Well accommodated, however, it will inevitably reflect the note of gaiety, the key of good taste and care stammering which drove you this morning here when, in front of ice, you ask timidly, boldly too, if it wasn’t a day to wear a brooch.

If the pin has this power to gem, it is essential to get it right on the first ingredient: a PIN is not a ‘badge’, still less a PIN. Also in our search we have to abandon these figurative, so taken young people and circles nicely regressive adults, sometimes representing Che, sometimes a known rocker, a sassy quote or even a political opinion.

Brooch ideal to which we aspire will fit without meaning, will seduce by its form, and its material. We do not have a thousand solutions: it’s fabric or metal – pearls being reserved for women-, the first referring to the clothing accessories, the second jewellery. The PIN man also has this peculiarity to evoke lightness: flowers, butterfly knots, butterflies without the node. Understand: man makes an ounce of feminine elegance, from defeat the virility of the jacket.

Therefore, your dandy went hunting on the web, in search of the most beautiful specimens, accessible, original, and overriding the disuse to which the spindle can be associated.

  • [06/26/2014 UPDATE: the site is closed until further notice, what a pity!]The first site, Steve and Co, is Italian and offers a range of male accessories. It has already been mentioned in my pantheon because he holds the straps of my dreams. Steve and Co offers all a series of pins declined around the marine wire, the embroidery thread and the bow tie. It is for this last series, most well-stocked, well more inspired, my preference is doing. Textile, as in any representation, the game on the miniature works almost always: wear a small bow tie near the neck, thereby where should be the true, it is moved, it’s funny, it’s touching.
  • For the second, we have scrutinized the famousEtsy, which sells only hand made productions. Shop of Nevestica, Slovenian of his State, features only male pins around the flower. It will be a more classic style, you know that rose is treed by elegant men in old movies. But the designer allows himself extravagant licenses, for our greatest happiness. The materials used are mainly flax and felt, but I advise you to avoid the latter, feels a bit too “craft.” Nevestica products have also the immense advantage, for the broke as I am, to be very accessible, rarely exceeding 15 euros.
  • The third is still at Etsy, The SewSmashing shop for man only a few pins butterflies, arranged according to a rigorous origami-shaped. The style is very special, you must love, but the store universe is coherent, which is important. Silk is used in some of his creations.
  • The list stops here.I guess a shop of elegant and accessible pins for man, that is a rare good. Well, there are those from Lanvin for example, but we go to the celestial empire, whose entrance is guarded.
  • This shortage of pins on the web gives me furiously to set ado-it-you-even for the next few weeks, stay tuned.
  • Etymological bonus: in English, we distinguish the brooch of the electricity supply Act stick also called StromVG pine or just electricity supply ActBrooch translates, transparency, by pin, while electricity supply Act has no official translation. Electricity supply Act meaning setbacks (indicating the lapel of the jacket where will hook the object), one could translate StromVG stick or StromVG pin by pin, the particularity of this being, its fastening system, based on a vertical pin, in contrast to the spindle, with a horizontal safety pin.
  • The English language seems to be more precise in this area, and this will strongly influence your Google searches.
  • Bonus 2: I can not resist the urge to insert this little video. A coach style to American man retracing the history of the PIN. They are really afraid of nothing!