PIT BOSS Sunglasses Oakley Elite

When buying a pair of glasses we should pick the brand, if your quality is not one of the best can bring to those using eye problems, because these will eventually impair vision, since there are made according to the standards that must be followed for a perfect vision and without losses.

The Oakley Sunglasses are the best technology and the Pit Boss Elite line brings the best that science could offer. This technology needed approximately 4 years to be developed with the best scientists and talented designers. Oakley then brought to market a model of sunglasses only, completely original and with a designer and totally aggressive technology.

Pit boss means in English Chief of staff, was that the idea of bringing the feeling of being a boss, respect your place only using an awesome glasses. The material is very sturdy and has therefor the MATTER with ultralight forged titanium plates to extreme temperatures and carved a State-of-the-art computer system, with great precision. Hexalobulares dowels were used to fix the plascas and protect against high-speed impacts. These characteristics make the frame is the most resistant and perfect already exposed to the market.

On the lenses for various protections, including one that helps in reducing the brightness of the anti-reflective coating and front part (in front) balances the coating light transmission precisely, these lenses HDPolarized calls pressed filter 99% then the brightness, This unique and exclusive technology. Combining with all this is added a permanent coating that repels dust while maintaining a antinmanchas barrier against skin oils, fingerprints, lotions and even water.

Above all lenses are designed and crafted to protect a strong sun, these have 3 different colors along with the frames that are available and to store your glasses line PIT BOSS prepared a custom Holster to facilitate cleaning of the lens.

These are images of simulations using the lens in different situations, to your left shows the use of the lens and your right without the lens.

As can be perceived brightness light provided by the lens is extremely strong, has a comfortable and provides a truer color vision. No doubt this is a product that will delight those who possess.

You check these specifications and other eyewear on the site oakley.com.br and also has the option to know the places where you can find these products for future purchase.