Plus Size Fashion Trends Summer 2014

Women with curves, step forward. In recent years large sizes are slowly taking a negative meaning, to become a symbol of a new concept of beauty. This is happening thanks to Jennie Runk, the beautiful blue-eyed model size 46. The supermodel’s oversize catalog this year starring plus-size costumes and clothing from H & M, of which the first images were circulated.

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H & M, spring and summer 2014 Exclusive Conscious: photos

Already last year, Jennie Runk was the star of the shots to the oversized brand swimwear line.A service that had a very strong impact to the breathtaking beauty of Jennie and choosing a popular brand like H & M to put himself at the forefront of the rematch of the women curvy in the fashion world.

The catalog is the protagonist of which is 2014 style book Jennie Private Paradise of H & M.The collection includes several models of swimsuits or two pieces by cutting in the 1950s, but also long and short dresses, kaftans and clothes considered unattainable for those who are not size 38, as shorts jeans, redesigned so as to be accessible to physicists softer.

H & M has been the leader among the big brands in launching collections dedicated to sizes from 48 on wards, as naturegnosis says. The choice of H & M is also coming last year in conjunction with the confession by the brand that you use often model too skinny. A trend that the Swedish brand tried to reverse hiring Jennie Runk for two consecutive years, but also choosing for the collection “standard” testimonial more curvy than average, as the busty and super sexy Beyoncé for the campaign last summer.

Jennie Runk has become further famous thanks to its history as a model: after the difficulties of adolescence for a physicist to current standards, too feely was told that to become a model would have to lose one or two sizes (at that time was a size 42), otherwise he could think of a career in fashion plus size by acquiring at least one size. The decision by Jennie to do the second choice he decisively brought luck.