Plus Size Sweater Blouse in Retro Style

Despite thick lines to produce the part, the knitting can be used in various ways. In the United States, the most common of the production of this manual is art and clothing for babies and cold coats. Here the two tendencies are used, with some additions, as in summer and autumn in fashion beautiful pieces and well toasty warm, or cool well. It depends on the very spot.

Arts manuals, the knitting is considered one of the most agile vintage tops. The Trico blouse is totally handmade and it takes time and prices, depending on the used art and modeling, may not be the cheapest. It uses two needles and lines plaited not remember anything crochet for more than a few people quite confused these two models.


Knitting in the summer? Depending on the point and modeling, why not? Many fashionistas to cast parts in beachwear and is very cool. The key is to avoid closed points and worked and escape the long sleeves, unless castings. The knitting sweaters suitable for the summer are:

Leaked with open points – they are fresh, even with the thick line. Some produce vazadamente pieces like dresses to beach exit and art is a luxury. The more open models thus can be used with tops, blouses underneath the overlap, and this latest trend, why not in winter fashion? But the more chilled for the best hot days.

With open points, remember: everything will be shown below. In the 90s it was common to use with bra even more models with enhanced income. Today is “out” this trend. Better stay with tops below and remember: everything will be shown. Soon, prominent belly,

With applications in knitting – the same way you can have sweaters crochet with the art of lines into small pieces, may have models knitted in hollow or closed points. Sleeves, neckline or bars more soltinhas blouses can fit well with these lines in summer fashion and look good casual. It is a form of customization parts if you know how to do well.


For the winter fashion, some tips are:

Blouse high collar – if you have a long neck, careful: it is not a model for you. Turtlenecks lengthens a little neck, and as trick leaves who has this body plumper a little more hidden. Yes it is a great trick the eye, but can go wrong if you can not match.

High collar with tric is a hot piece, especially if you have long sleeves. If you do not work and do not live in a cold, forget this style.

With front buttons – it is one of those of legal gambling winter because you can use closed and be heated or opened with overlay. It is nice if the bet is to play with colors, a medium between jacket and shirt. It is always elegant and discreet.

With cotton lining – knitting seems to be light, but warm enough. But it will not be enough for a day of snow and a Canadian winter, for example. The cotton lining helps make the smoothest clothes to wear, for those who do not like the lines touching the skin, and also helps to heat up even more. It’s a more sporting piece, shall we say, for those who do not want to wrap up with either two or three blouses. But believe me: in some places, using knitting jacket with two sweaters underneath is quite common.



It depends art. As this art usually fast in production, one can find sweaters from R $ 40 to R $ 60 models with application sparkles, rhinestones and other paraphernalia that hinder the play can go for more than $ 200 If you are label of a famous brand, the product can, of course, be much more expensive. But how beautiful it is even worth it.

Some online stores to buy knitting sweaters are, Forum (with physical stores in several Brazilian capital),,, Tricae, among others. In his city should also be common at craft fairs and shops find models at popular prices.