Porsche Boxster S

This car brings back the child in the man but not the high-Ender: top music from, and the racy, but not intrusive sound of the Middle engine on, enjoy.

Vehicle values

  • Price approx. 59.100 euro
  • 232 kW / 315 HP
  • 3,436 cc
  • Rear-wheel drive

The driver is hardly a machine so close like this: not only geographically, but also by the ride produced the six-cylinder reacts with a directness, as you want for serious sports cars. The spontaneous development of 315 PS seduced when leaving the entrance to a gallant drift pretty severely intrusive stability control but prevents.

I control the Boxster S next free road and I appreciate the last sunbeams of the year, as well as the chassis resting perfectly on the road. I think all sorts of things-but not to listen to music. We openly admit it: the hobby Car hi-fi has commonly referred to do not much high end. Booming subwoofer, lowered cars, neon lights, and many small juvenile Tastelessness also are not my thing. The Porsche Boxster S is naturally far away. Interior trim, controls, seats and ads deny not their origin from the pragmatic sports car design, but cast it – even on the invoked reason price measured – unusually dignified and noble. Here you can see much, but no system.

I think the only as a city congestion slows down my Roadster driving pleasure. So with the CD. The first movement of the Symphony No. 9 by Beethoven (Haitink) rises totally of course finely resolved, staggered, off dry dynamics – in this the Orchestra across the entire width of the windscreen motor not dissimilar. Where have the Bose engineers installed only the speakers? Especially since there will be ten according to the prospectus. I would have bet completed after the first bars, that here more than two pair high-quality fullrange with subwoofer, or at best two-way monitors at work are so homogeneous, and precision in timing the system sounds.

Bass-heavy and invisible

This is ensured by the largely invisible trio under the windshield, that thanks to the superb coordinated timing and staging gives a figure like a pair of high-quality monitors and hides in the ventilation slots. Clearly, the heavy lifting that is performed in the doors where the bass value work will benefit from the stability of the Stuttgart and also likes to bring the pant legs to flutter. You don’t miss a larger subwoofer this way. The Bose system with colored depth, perfectly set impulses and an impressive level of cleanliness in all walks of life plumbed the depths of Madonna’s “Ray of Light”. For lovers of fun and kick-bass-heavy voting that may even a little too neutral and monitor like colors.

Next to me is a typical representative of the car HiFi cliche, and his solitary drowns out the intricacies of my system. That means first of all close hood – what goes and brings quite a bit of acoustic foreclosure thanks to the Porsche automatic transmission in drive in a matter of seconds. No wonder must immunize the hood but also against the noise at high speeds, which also excellent succeeds up to about 230 km/h.

Looking for more effect, I click me through the very clear sound menus. Ah, the “neutral” mode was selected. Ideal for the audiophile, too sober for a befitting his fun ride. To disable those, the plant will kick bass powerful and stronger enforcement without losing its basic character. At most the precision of deep bass at the open trial goes back slightly, for it increases the fun factor.

Boxster with 5.1 sound

Who wants to let vice versa something relaxed it go, can select a surround simulation. Yes, in the Bose Boxster a Full 5.1 system is installed. This brings an impressive wide soundstage, but this clarity and precision that so characterizes this nearly Studio-terms matched system per room simulation CDs slightly at the expense. But it’s both: the system handles DVD-audio and DVD-V and allows a native 5.1-sound. The Genesis DVDs opened me the ears first. Absolutely consistent and spatially superb placed “Spell” started, without neglecting the earthy rocking bass. In the second ride, I took various DVDs and enjoyed the respective DD or dts track, whose Space Interior blew up the borders of Roadster-and acoustically at once put me in the greatest opera houses or concert halls.

So please, forget everything believed to know so far about car-HiFi. The cooperation of Bose and Porsche brings exactly the sound virtues in the car, so it is estimated on a high-quality high end system. No exaggerated effects, no thought of technology, for a music enjoyment, forgotten also the longest ride and the most annoying jam can do.