Postpartum Exercises for the Belly

Labor, whether natural or cesarean, is always a traumatic event for a woman, resulting in a looser belly and wider skin.

Postpartum Exercises for the Belly

To combat this sagging and strengthen core muscles, there are postpartum exercises you can do that will help you resume a more active life while improving the appearance of your belly. Learn more about postpartum exercises for the belly.

Postpartum exercises for the belly

The exercises that we will present to you below are well suited for the postpartum period because, in addition to working in the area that suffered the most from childbirth, they do not spend a lot of calories, thus not interfering with the production of breast milk.

The following exercises can be performed at home, being indicated to strengthen the muscles of the abdominal region, combat sagging, and relieve back pain caused by poor posture.

1st Exercise
Lie on your belly up, and then raise your hips, without letting your buttocks touch the floor. Do this exercise for a minute.

2nd Exercise
Lie down on your belly, then lift your body and lean only on the tip of your feet and your forearms. Stay in that position for as long as you can, up to one minute, with your back lined up with your legs.

3rd Exercise
Lie on your stomach with your arms lying flat and stretched out beside your body. The legs should be raised and bent, at a right angle, and with a large ball resting on the ankles. You should hold this position for one minute.

Do these three exercises in a row, and whenever you feel better, increase the duration of each exercise.

Caring for postpartum exercises for the belly

These postpartum exercises for the belly should only be started with the permission of your doctor, since there is a risk of reopening the stitches.

That way, it is only when the episiotomy or the cesarean section is healed that you should begin these exercises. That is, only about 2 months after giving birth.

Water aerobics should only be started between 60 and 90 days later.

After starting your postpartum exercises to the belly, if there is any bleeding vaginal or feel discomfort, stop immediately, and consult your doctor.