Pregnancy Calendar

With applications for mobile phones and computers are more and more candidates for moms and pregnant women who follow step by step the evolution of their babies.

Pregnancy Calendar

On the internet there are several pregnancy calendars that allow daily follow the evolution of babies with indication of weight, length, symptoms and tests that should be done and how high they should be performed.

Pregnancy calendars are a good help for future moms, especially the most anxious and curious, who are able to keep track of the weekly evolution of the mother and baby.
There are several websites that offer pregnancy calendar, Mom only has to enter the date of the last menstruation and then receive in my email or mobile phone all the information.

Most of the applications available are free, some are more complete than others and some data may vary from calendar to calendar.

Pregnancy Calendar

The pregnancy lasts 40 weeks from the first day of last menstruation (DUM). The expected date of delivery (DPP) is then agreed on the ultrasound of the first trimester, performed at 12 weeks, when it is possible to measure the baby more correctly because the measurements are unanimous, from 13 weeks, the genetic differences do with that babies grow more or less. A pregnancy can go beyond 40 weeks and go as long as 42 weeks.

Pregnancy calendar in quarters

Most pregnant women find it difficult to answer when asked what month or quarter they are in, accounts also vary from doctor to doctor, from application to application, and from calendar to calendar. Pregnancy is divided into three quarters:

First trimester
The first trimester of pregnancy ends at the end of the 12th week of pregnancy.
Second quarter
The second quarter begins at the 13th week and ends at the end of the 28th week.
Third trimester
The third semester starts at the 29th week of pregnancy and ends at the time the baby is born.

We wish you all an excellent pregnancy.