Pregnant With Style

And you peed in the straws and tested positive (!). Be of surprise or planned a pregnancy is always accompanied by a lot of questions, from the most simple to the most complex. The cool thing is we will discover that, for most of them, the answers are almost intuitive. To other, planning help and.

Organize our closet in this phase is a great example of that planning makes all the difference. And, if we don’t want (and often can’t) go around throwing around a lot of money with a new wardrobe for this phase, on the other we want to feel good and beautiful during pregnancy. And believe me: can you stay beautiful reusing much of what we already have and buying just a few key pieces.

And this is where our participation (Oh, you’re Carol and Carla style Signature, very nice!) here in UASZ: help “new moms” can make the closet surrender and help you decide which pieces really worth investing. So, get to work!

Let’s start at the beginning and tell the truth: in the 1st trimester of pregnancy NOTHING CHANGES. Yes, we’re eager to belly begin to appear for make the pregnant woman out there and nothing. The truth is that the first three months of pregnancy practically doesn’t have much fun. You still don’t have the belly (many women come to lose weight so much that Marian) and gives a sleep and a sloth that you don’t even know where it comes from.

To try to dribble a bit of cake that gives at the beginning of the pregnancy and get 5 more minutes in bed every morning, the ideal is to always have a dip of inspirations (can be on Pinterest, on the phone, on your computer–you can be sure that will help throughout the entire pregnancy!) and If possible, have a few looks ready, you know that work well. So, you don’t leave the House with that guy in his pajamas and not also lose precious minutes of sleep every morning.

And since you will be left with little sleep, to give a lively Valley invest in colorful looks, or, if neutral, with vivid colours, mainly near the face, to get the air to torture me that practically all pregnant is at the beginning of pregnancy.

And who is already feeling more round, but still does not want to make public, pregnancy a good trick is to bet on a third piece open along the trunk. Valley blazer, cardigan, vest or even a long scarf.

If you are pregnant (or thinking about staying) and have questions about what to wear, comments here! Want us to talk about any specific subject of pregnancy? Send your suggestions to us!