Prepare Your Bike for Winter

If October happened warm and dry, lovers of bicycles will be able to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery along the Danube, Neusiedlersee and other suitable for bike ride locations. Of course, this will be a chance for fans of extreme experiences ride enduro and downhill of the semmering pass and leogang. Not to mention that in the city we long to move about comfortably and inexpensively on two wheels.

However, soon winter will cause at least some of cyclists leave vehicles for a warm, dry place.


To make sure that spring will find them in good condition, good care of them.

Before zazimite bike, you should clean and lubricate, to protect it from corrosion. Note the chain – it must be transferred to the smallest sprocket front and rear, as there is tension in the cable at least. If you have V-brake, it is better to disconnect the brakes.

The way you keep the bike – walk on the floor or hung on the wall – is important for tire pressure. In the first instance should inflate them to their normal pressure over a period of time to donapopvate to avoid distortions of form. In the second case, you can reduce tire pressure.

Remember to remove the batteries from the lamp, tail lamps and other accessories, as there is a risk to leak and damage the wheel.

It is best in the winter to keep the bike in a dry place where there is no sudden changes in temperature. It is not advisable to leave it near a radiator, heating or other heating device, and in places where it will not be well protected from rain and snow. It is very important that the humidity in the room is not high, because even well-oiled bicycle can rust.

Advice Sportalle

Often, storage areas for bikes are narrow and have the place to save. Here are some tips: if you have to shorten the wheel, remove temporarily the front tire; removing the pedals will give you extra space width. Easy and convenient you can hang horizontally or vertically your two-wheeled friend stand mounted on the wall.