Public Beta: Now Everyone Can Create Presentations in Microsoft Sway

The Sway appeared in early October with the following proposal: make it easy to create presentations for the web – is a mix of PowerPoint and blog, in a way. For anyone who was curious, but could not test it at the time, here’s the good news: Microsoft released the news to public use this week.

Until then, the Sway could only be accessed by invitation. More than 175,000 were issued, according to the company, the majority in November. Since then, Microsoft has implemented features and made small adjustments that enabled the “total freedom”, although the service continues in beta.

Presentations created in Sway support insertion of videos YouTube, tweets, Facebook posts, onedrive or Dropbox files, images in various formats and so on. The final result is stored in the clouds and is responsive, i.e., adapts to any size screens.

What makes Sway more than a mere online variation of PowerPoint is agile assembly of presentations: as content is entered, algorithms developed in Microsoft Research labs make automatic adjustments to give a professional look to the material.

Thus, the Sway can be used for various purposes: creation of photo album, product promotion on the Internet, supplements for courses, finally, just unleash the creativity.

It is unlikely that this service turn “feel”, but Microsoft appears to have long-term plans for him. The Sway is being developed to be part of Office 365 and, at this stage, already appears next to the and onedrive, for example.

For now, Sway has only web version, but Microsoft plans to launch service apps for Android, Windows Phone and iOS. The latter platform already has a “preview” version, but for now, only users of New Zealand and Australia have access to it.

To evaluate the service, simply visit and log in to your account at Microsoft.

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