Put on Legging to Compose looks in Winter

The price is affordable, it comes in all colors, shapes and sizes, comfortable and is in most women’s wardrobes.  Leggings are very used during the winter, but despite all the advantages, compose a look with this key piece, can also result in a hole.

So, to help us in this difficult mission,  personal stylist Juliana Parisi  gives some tips on how to use legging(and how not to use it too)!

How not to use:

The first caution is not to let the composition become vulgar.”The main mistake of women is to leave the pants without anything covering the region of the pelvis, the result becomes vulgar, let the breeches protrude, can mark the belly and still draws much attention to these regions,” warns the specialist.

The legging pant brings all its versatility to favor the body and the curves.”It can fall well on any body, as long as it is well combined, if you let your butt appear, it already looks bad,” says Juliana.

How to use:

Always bet on longer pieces at the top, ie: a shirt, blouse and even a t-shirt(as long as the blouse reaches the thighs).”Another piece that can help make up this look is the coats, jackets or waistcoats that balance the waist and the silhouette,” he says.

And on the feet? Calm down with the full top, now it’s easier to combine! “Boots, scarfs and especially low shoes like slippers, mules, sneakers or oxford guarantee a very modern result” says Juliana.

Now that you already know how to wear legging pants in the best way, I’m sure you’ll raze in the winter(and in all seasons)!