Radio Control Gliders

RC gliders are among the vehicles that require greater skills of its operators. For larger gliders, it is necessary to have several hours of flying gliders or short wingspan aircraft experience. But the beauty of your flight makes that they are, also, among the most sought after by enthusiasts to the airplane.

They operate in only 2 channels of radio (for rudder and elevator), and their movements are slow and so are more easily controllable than an airplane. When the pilot has enough ability, you can keep your RC glider in the air for hours.

It is necessary to begin by clarifying that there are two types of RC gliders: with and without motor. Those who have no motor plan in the same way that their older siblings, taking advantage of the warm currents ascending. Many beginners prefer them because they fly at a slower rate than the motor.

To launch a Glider RC gliding there are different systems: manual launch trailer (with other RC plane, equal with real gliders), by means of a line (as a kite), or by means of an elastic shuttle. They are always released in favour of wind. The radio control is used to raise or lower the glider in search of favourable currents.

In the case of gliders with electric motor or nitro, we can take the vehicle to the height that you want, propelled by the engine to batteries and folding propeller, and then leave it plan freely. The advantage over those who have no motor is that, before any inconvenience, we can control it and retrieve it before falling. These RC gliders lift flight from Earth, like other aircraft.

The RC gliders can take from few inches of span (extension of the wings, from end to end) up to several meters (3, 4 or more), and are of different materials, depending on the purpose: can be for fun, for competition, or simply decorative replicas of famous gliders. The world’s largest RC glider It is 10 meters of wingspan and to fly it, it is necessary to have a special permit. They can reach enormous speeds: can you believe that one of these gliders can fly to more than 600 km/hour, when motoring?

The first thing you must learn to control your RC glider, is to turn. As the movements are slow, and the rotation angle is wide, you can soon make it, without losing altitude, and controlling the inclination of the glider. This is one of the secrets to achieve high speeds.