Ray Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses

An indispensable item for many people around the world are the sunglasses, or also called sunglasses, because in addition to offer a change in visual, it also protects your eyes from the Sun’s rays, and as talk of sunglasses without thinking about the world’s most famous brand in the market to optical products, the Ray Ban.

The first line of Ray Ban was launched on the 20 at the request of a United States air force general, when investment in aviation became too high, the General noted the suffering of the pilots exposed to the rays of the Sun without possessing any protection. From there, the perspective from which the General requested the sunglasses, worked intensely for ten years until you get to a product which, in addition to innovative designer with your rounded shape, was also able to provide maximum protection for your users, in http://www.opelikafashion.com/2016/12/09/how-to-choose-sports-sunglasses/.

Protection, for your time, was effective, blocking a high percentage of visible light and ultraviolet and infrared rays, too.

After this initial period, the Ray Ban sunglasses became part of the basic accessories of the American military.

In the year 1937 is that the glasses have earned the name of Ray-Ban, and started with your story in the trade in civilian version, which earned the name of Ray-Ban Aviator, with the color of dark green lenses and gilded frame. The choice of name is due to your ability to reduce the incidence of UV rays on eyes, soon, bania, Ray rays-Banner.

The Ray Ban is present in more than 130 countries, including in Brazil and is the leader of sales in your segment, after being seen in the face of several world-famous artists, the glasses has become synonymous with style, simplicity and elegance, not to mention the status of owning a Ray-Ban original.

There are some models of aviator sunglasses Ray Ban, with your original rounded shape, but with different colors, from lenses with varied colors, and even the frame gets other colors. There are Ray Ban sunglasses with gold frame and Brown lens, black frame, gold and graphite, but with traditional dark lenses, and among other options. Due to your distinguished format, the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses models give a differentiated call to who uses, and certainly look great in any type of face.

Prices of Ray Ban 3025 aviator glasses vary according to the location where the purchase is made, and may have more variation of R real $200, depending on the store, it is ideal that interested in making the purchase of this product make a detailed search of prices and, of course, make sure you are buying an original product, because buying a product to make imitation of the original, but it could bring serious health risks, are often rather than protect, let your eyes even more exposed to the Sun’s rays that are extremely harmful to health of the eyes.

If the question is where to buy Ray Ban sunglasses Aviator, can be carefree, because the best stores selling this product, not to mention in online stores, and even the physical stores that have their products exhibited on internet, and freight for the whole territory National.
There is no shortage of reasons for consumers to opt for this model Ray Ban Aviator, as he is perfect for those looking for style and originality, without forgetting that by purchasing this product, it’s not just the appearance that WINS with all the glasses offer style, but also the health of eyes , thanks for this complete option.