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Recipe and photos uploaded by Verónica y Matías

Recipes for camping: Pizza stuffed on the grill

Hello !!

Well, I tell you more or less how we did the stuffed pizza, I say more or less, since of the quantities of each thing or idea;

In a bowl we mix 1/2 package of flour, 1/2 envelope of yeast (that comes in granulitos) and a little salt;To this we add warm water (not very hot) and a stream of oil. We knead and we are adding more flour if the dough stays very close to the hands, and we form a big bun.

We cover it and try to leave it in a place where it maintains the heat (and as we are camping and not at, it is worth putting it inside the tent or near a grill where hardly receives some heat).
We leave it leavened, and then we make 2 or 3 buns according to the size that we want.

From one to another we stretch the buns on an oiled pizza (or on the top of the tapper) and paint it with a little tomato puree that we cooked previously with a touch of oregano, salt and sugar.

We fill half of the pizza with what we like most (in our case it was ham, egg, tomato and cheese) and we closed it (as if it were an empanada), important that the edges are well sealed!

And on the grill! … the most difficult is that, pass it to the grill and then turn it around.
But patiently you can, slow fire, and cover it up with the pizza.

Greetings and I hope you all come out very rich!