Rega RP8 & RB 808 in the Test

A new controversy: With the RP8, Rega revolutionized the drive design proven for many decades. The result is exciting.

About these turntables were to hear wonderful things . It was almost as if Rega-Chef Roy Gandy had copied Apple’s PR strategy: a new product apparently also present (“one more thing…”), first photos are circulating, purchase intentions, bind and then wait for the rush. It is possible that taking? try of course only if one is a brand with a cult following what is true without question on Rega.

The first fascination came from only two photos, which Rega infiltrated the World Wide Web in time before Christmas: A drivethat is – like a skeleton, like a puzzle piece inside a classic square and can play here and there. At trade shows such as CES in Las Vegas was a touchable mystery, now finally a product of fu from the phantom? r anyone. Well, maybe not fu? r anyone – with 2,500 euro fu? r the RP8 occupied Rega but the fu? r audiophile most interesting analog price class.

Unpack spu? rt man but still this alternative Lebensgefu? hl British students, the Rega stands out as a brand. In this sense the RP8 is highly authentic: rigid level, rigid plate, rigid arm, show-free zone. Or better: conscious reduction with a touch of Arte Povera (on German: “poor art”).

The new platform

Nobility and expertise show on a second glance. So violent strikes then the skeleton. In the classic square frame, Roy Gandy has accommodated a curved tripod construction. With all the key components: Drive, sub camp, Armboard and arm. The three Fu? sse fu? itself into a larger frame, which gives the well-known Rega design the construction finally and only technical tasked it is, fixing fu? r to offer the supplied protective cover.

Viewed from above, the ensemble acts as a creative fretwork: a small gap, u is located between the curved “skeleton” and the passive part? about a Fußin-base construction is the duo fu? r the owner easy to clean internally focused on distance. Theoretically, you could a cellar the square frame and hood in its original packaging.

In the condition of the uncovered three leg of RP8 shows also its inner values. The chassis consists of a mix: You? nne layers phenolic resin are hooked up with foamed polyolefin. That is easy and gives stability anyway. Here lives also a doctrine of the British manufacturer: to combine materials with different natural frequencies. It wants to offer the “evil” resonances of operation so no joint attack surface, no common excitation frequency.

That is consistently weitergefu? hrt at the plate, which is built in a British glass factory in layers and glued: three layers, to be exact. Distinguishes the RP8 also by smaller FP6 with its two layers.

There is also similarities: the characteristic strut (not metal, but magnesium, and phenolic resin) from the plate axis to the Armboard and the specially fu? r Rega made 24-volt motor, in the RP8 u? ber two belts with the Sub plate is connected.

The camp is related to which of the R9. The external TT-PSU power supply, easy-care in the switching between 33 and 45 rpm provides the power.

The tonearm is verju? ngt

When the tonearm, Roy Gandy elected the new RB808 to. This wu? rde for sale free with clear u? hit about 1000 Euro . Look carefully and recognizes that the tube to the top more verju? ngt. The internal weight distribution shoehorned closer to the newly developed vertical warehouse. The Antiscating can u? ber a tensile/pressure button underneath the armrest regulate. All technological approach: The new RP8 is no measuring instrument, no ku? counter music from readers, but a straightforward, highly musical “buddy”.

This is one on one with not even so high-quality pickups audibly – already. Rega itself recommends the combination with the new Apheta-system. It could be but swell the total price to 4,000 euros . Does that make sense?

Hearing test

We have consciously gu? effectively started (namely with the Denon DL 103) and us slowly to our in-house Working reference system, the Delos by Lyra, closer listening, which suggests at least also with 1,100 euros.

We want to not beat, the answer to the question of meaning: the RP8 limited not no yet so classy orders menu? chtetes system was thwarted in our review of this new mechanical basis. The presence of voices precise spatial differentiation is strong. As well as the other 231b also of RP8 at any point not cheats drives, pontificates but also. All fine dynamic information is retained, the way is open, alive dynamically.

Bela Bartók’s Concerto fu? r Orchestra – under George Szell’s direction (CBS records) – is seemingly bulky music; the two complete turntable Clearaudio and Scheu showed the edges of the composition, the rhythmic structures. The RP8 with built-in Delos brought more structure and color in the bass range, showed more of the resinous enamel for violin and worked out more clearly also the dynamic relationships between the woodwinds. All managed the new Rega to such an extent that it almost meant to listen to a different, stronger consumption.

There are u? at a drive in this class that ebenbu all? is present? Jein. The Linn LP12 Majik plays although not as dynamic, but yet similar to sound strong and balanced. But is the Majik almost 300 euros more expensive…

The list of pre-orders fu? r the RP8 should be already enormous. Right: The new reduced Rega is a cult drive. You don’t actually need more turntables.