Results of The Q1_2015: Samsung Grows in Global Share and Huawei Already Dominates in China

With the first quarter of 2015 already in the rearview mirror, major mobile market analysts have begun to already publish the first data of sales this year.

In this case it is TrendForce who provide us with the first headlines, with a Samsung that grows in fee to continue dominating the world market with an iron fist and Huawei already positioned on the first step the always-complicated Chinese podium.

Data that confirm the decline in sales that has suffered the mobile telephony industry, with 291.2 million units distributed around the world in the first three months of 2015. This figure represents a fall greater than estimates of 9.2% regarding the previous quarter, although it is estimated that sales will grow in tornoo to 7% in the second quarter of 2015.

Samsung and Apple comprises almost half of the cake Thanks to the 80 million smartphones sold by the Korean giant and the 45 million iPhones that has placed the company in Cupertino.

Furthermore, Samsung has seen how its market share rises a 3.1% compared to the last quarter of 2014, and is waiting to continue to grow thanks to the new Samsung Galaxy S6. Meanwhile, Apple is a 3.3% to the 19.9 points of share.

Huawei already dominates in the Chinese market

LG also grows a 0.9% as well as a Huawei clinching on the third step of the world and is placed as the first seller of smartphones in its local market, a China where the market is more competitive than ever.

The firm based in Shenzhen has managed to enter 100 brands top rated last year, and is getting improve its image globally by leaps and. In absolute terms, Huawei has sold some 20 million smartphones.

Note that Xiaomi held upward in the Chinese market, while manufacturers such as Oppo and ZTE come stomping after Coolpad, who manages to keep the fifth place despite losing more than half a point in market share.

Results no doubt interesting, though It should be noted that the first quarter of the year is perhaps the least significant in terms of numbers, as Torchbearers smartphones from major manufacturers begin to arrive in the second quarter, and the end of the year and Christmas campaign tends to grab a good amount of annual sales.