Retro Trend: Dresses In The 50s Style

Retro fashion is from yesterday? Absolutely not, at least not if you look at them under trend aspects! Sections and patterns, on the other hand, may look as if they had sprung from an earlier fashion epoch.

A real vintage burnout is the fifties. Hardly another decade is found as a quotation in current fashion so frequently and so constantly again! In addition to pencil skirts, ¾-length trousers like Audrey Hepburn and many other stars of the era, the 50’s typical hourglass silhouette and patterns such as herringbone, pepita, and polkadots Vichykaros ubiquitous.

What Makes The Retro Trend “50s-Year Dresses”?

In women’s fashions, woman looks simply wonderfully feminine, as typical of the fashion age are figurative cuts that flatter the feminine silhouette-regardless of the figurine type! Thus, the retro trend “50s-year dresses” is ideal for petite and curvy women.

The fact that the fashion of the 50s is so popular and has long inspired renowned modem makers to creations is mainly due to the fact that it is linked to a positive life setting. The 50s’ dresses and other fashion quotes of the decade are true and (finally) wearable “textile rooms”. In the 1950s, society was able to leave the turmoil of the Second World War behind it, and the growing prosperity developed during the post-war period on.

The fashion, especially for women, looks to Hollywood and Paris, is inspired by the glamor of stars and starlets, but also by the exclusivity of the Haute Couture, which is dominated by Christian Dior and his “New Look” with the typical Wespentaille and A wide swinging skirt. At the same time, the second Bouclé or Tweed costume designed by Coco Chanel with a loosely falling, chestnut jacket and figure-skinned skirt look exciting. Chanel’s “little black”, simple and pure and copied as a classic Shift-or Etuikleid, is now becoming a cult clothing item. After the fashionable thirst of the (post-) war period, a great variety of colors, forms and materials dominated the wardrobes of the 1950s.

So Versatile Is The Retro-Trend “50s-Jahre-Kleider”

Whether a cheerful and unconventional rockabilly chic with a rocky note or ladylike elegance: dresses in the style of the 50s are perfect for any occasion! The retro trend “50s-Dresses” underscores your feminine side, whether in the leisure, in the job or on a special occasion.

Waist Waist: Absolutely typical for dresses in the 50s style is an accentuated waist, whether by a waisted cut, a small belt, piping, darts or even gathers and winding effects. Either your dress already has an integrated belt or you put the focus on your body center even with a narrow leather belt (especially sweet with belt buckle in heart or loop form): the waist can look at the 50s dress. Pretty also looks a velvet or satin ribbon, which is coordinated with the dress, in color.Wide stretch belts or those with an eye-catcher also draw attention to the part between the hip and the ribs.

Sections: The skirt part is usually slightly flared in 50s dresses or even swinging, but also dresses with a straight cut reflect the retro trend.Very subtle and seductive, semitransparent mesh or lace inserts in the shoulder, back and décolleté area. Also cut-outs decorate many clothes in the 50’s-look. The cut-out shape varies from high (partly even with a small standing or rolling collar) over softly flowing waterfall collars, classic round neck or V-cutouts to deeply decolled variants.

Colors & Patterns: Whether it is a lush floral or elegant cock pattern, sweet polkadots, playful dots or Vichykaros – show the style of the 50s style! The colors can be powerful as well as delicate pastel. Particularly black and white patterned dresses also look classic and elegant in a small-part design. Soften the look when white or cream and another color make common thing.

For an elegant or serious occasion, shift or sleeveless dresses without arm can be combined very well with a chunky-cut blazer or costume jacket. A figure-cut, hip-length cardigan is also suitable for 50s dresses. Casual with a short jeans or leather jacket.

In terms of shoe selection, there are many options available for the 50s dress: ballerinas, for example, give your 50s look girlish romance.With peeptoe pumps, espadrilles, wedges or open stilettos, the outfit works as well as with masculine laces, which set a nice contrast to the female dresscut. Simple canvas sneakers, for example in white or a pastel color matched to the dress, ensure a relaxed casual note.

Perfectly complemented by the retro trend of 1950s dresses of sensual cherry red or also pink-painted lips. You can emphasize your eyes effectively with an eyelid curled slightly over the eyelid, which gives the eyes some almond-shaped cat-like appearance. Liquid eyeliner works better here than creamy kajal. Stylish high-neck dresses such as banana or chignon, as well as cheeky short hair cuts, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn or Françoise Sagan, fit perfectly into a 50s dress. Matched to the lipstick painted fingernails round off the retro look!