Review Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35 in ‘Light’

Meanwhile, there are already so many BB creams. I had shown times a ‚Üí comparison you some time ago in which was also my favorite here, the BB cream from MAC – is to beat it again, because for me this is the most perfect of all by far. Unfortunately, she is currently unavailable and will launches expected in December, along with new colors, again (but probably still not… the time is so sure). Until then I delight in many other BB creams, which are really almost as great.

That Bobbi Brown a BB cream came out, enjoyed especially me, because just for foundations there is nothing better for me actually, above all, what is the color picker (even if “Alabaster” now no longer around, which is of course very, very bad!). I like very much also the natural finishes and foundationtechnisch I use currently prefer the long-wear even finish Foundation SPF 15 (in “porcelain”).

If so, Bobbi launches a BB cream that I have high expectations, and you have been fortunately also met. ūüôā Do much wrong you can’t with a BB cream Yes also actually, although I’ve discovered already the one or other less good piece. Bobbi has convinced me but as always and so her a bit closer look can see that you, there’s a small review – after the jump! ūüôā

Contained in the simple tube 40 ml. Official is that 24 months – I find good, because it takes very little product and so the tube can keep me loose two years (especially when used at the same time other complexion products and not only the BB cream).

The tube opening is quite small, which makes possible a good dosage. Only in light of the remainder, which will remain in the tube at the end and probably with an emergency surgery (pronounced: tube cut, rest in a container to fill, so throw away not valuable Grämmchen BB cream!) must be saved. Is always a point of criticism for tubes, but can be of course with a little hand work.
A bit less, I like the screw cap, but this is of course a matter of taste – I prefer hinged lid, you can control that with one hand, which is quite right to me sometimes with make-up.

Geswatched notice that the colour is more yellow side stitch. “Light” is the brightest the second brightest sound, here with us but (“Extra Light” is not with us available…), then ‘Fair’, which I actually thought that he probably brighter and rather pink stitch side would be as usual by “Alabaster” a small tick comes. We have only the colors of “Light”, “Fair”, “Medium” and “medium to dark”-swatches for all colours, also “extra light” (maybe you can keep this even for a trip abroad in mind…) finds her ‚Üí here (I assume even that the swatches in the order mentioned here are just made so would be “Fair” then a little lighter!)! ūüôā

“Light” can get to “Porcelain” by the way, perfectly – who so be sure Act in foundations to “Porcelain”, can choose without hesitation “Light”.

For the swatches, I of course thicker applied something – in the face, applied with a damp BeautyBlender, looks like this then:

The opacity is pleasantly light, of course, but compensates for a few mistakes such as E.g. redness. In addition, the opacity can be built. That it is sufficient for me (!), I have but it germerkt that no corrector/concealer was necessary. This is for me always so an argument that it should no longer be.

What very well liked in addition to the light, creamy texture:you need no icing. I have worn the BB cream pure, without starting to powder after applying. It is indeed unnecessary. The BB cream dries well, is there but not drying out and neither sticky or colors at the touch (rum lubricate one should not of course still in the face, that’s clear!). That got me a little and I knew so far only by the Dior Forever Foundation.
For me a plus, because many use BB creams also just even fast because (you have all in one product – care, color, yes almost etc.) and if the off powders, it has saved some time again.

My conclusion:
As mentioned at the beginning, is to hit the MAC Prep + Prime BB cream. The BB cream SPF 35 by Bobbi Brown but does not, about her but tie! While the MAC BB cream in my opinion is a little more “glow”, wins the Bobbi Brown BB Cream in terms of naturalness. A nice result for every day that will build up. If you like BB creams, is like here too these if not even love.
The Bobbi Brown BB Cream on Gametate combines a natural finish with good covering power with a pleasant feel – can be dropped safely care under it!

Who found still no perfect BB cream for himself, should look at times that of Bobbi Brown. By the way, about ‚ā¨36 are costs for 40 ml.