RIM Brings a Porsche 911 with NFC Mobile World Congress

RIM It is one of the companies that stronger bet on NFC technology, all new terminals have it, also its current operating system supports it, and will do it which is to come.

Taking advantage of the operating system which is to come, and which shares many points with BlackBerry PlayBook, is developed based on QNX, and that QNX is involved in the development of software for vehicles, the Canadians have brought to the event a Porsche 911 with NFC technology:

In the show they show us how through NFC, put your phone in a pocket of the Porsche and automatically is twinned with the vehicle to take advantage of all functions of the phone from the touch screen of the dashboard: share content, connectivity, telephone features & #8230;

The NFC bracket is not only an interesting game for players in the mobile market, also is interesting to the automotive industry, with names such as BMW or Mercedes researching its possibilities.

We remind you that the relationship between the German car maker and RIM also extends to the design of phones, as we saw with the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981.

TAT plays with the PlayBooks

I’ve always loved the work of TAT (The Astonishing Tribe), Nordic company that specializes in interfaces and bought by RIM to enhance this aspect in their operating systems. Take a look at what they do with the PlayBooks, I have not very clear how they know the tablets where are the others, but I like: