Rio Grande Do Sul Who Prints The Sports Illustrated Bikini Edition

If flipping through the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition you came across a face-and a body-known, maybe you’re not crazy. Until a few years ago, the unkempt brown hair and the long legs of Sofia Resing paraded through the sands of the Imbé. In 2016, the 24-year-old port of Alegrense was the only Brazilian to be chosen for the very popular edition of the American magazine’s bathing suits, alongside celebrities such as supermodel Gigi Hadid, ex-lady Cristiano Ronaldo Irina Shayk and UFC star Round Rousey. Sofia answered questions from Donna magazine via e-mail at New York airport, where he has spent the rare moments of pause in the agenda. Check out excerpts from the interview below:

Donna-How the invitation to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition rolled over. Among so many Brazilians known for sensuality, why do you think it was chosen for the edition of swimsuits? 
Sofia – It was through my agency in New York (the Women 360) . First, there was a selection by photos and they called me for the casting. But it sure was not a normal casting. They wanted to know a lot about my personality. There was a taped interview, a game with emoji. You can watch the video below:

Hundreds of beautiful girls did the casting, but I think my personality told a lot at the moment of choice.

Donna – How was the photo of the airplane made in the background? How does the feel of an airplane passing a few meters from you? 
Sofia-The photo of the plane was one of the most difficult in my life. The whole team was balancing on corals in the area where they were allowed to do those maneuvers. The plane had to come and go from several different angles some 30 times! The most complicated thing was to be able to hold the pose, feeling the wind behind the ground, passing a meter from my body. It was a lot of confidence in the pilot!

Donna-We saw photos of you with Ronda Rousey at the launch of the magazine (Ronda was one of the covers, with a painting as a swimsuit). How is the beast in person? 
Sofia-I watch the UFC often, and I’ve always been a fan of Ronda. I had the opportunity to meet her at the magazine’s launch events this past week. In addition to being super good people, she is very cat and superfeminina, something sometimes unexpected of an MMA fighter. I will become more of a fan yet.

Donna_For the first time this year, Swimsuit Edition has a plus size cover option (with the Ashley Graham model) . How do you see this question of the cult of good form, that the bikini became such a strong symbol? 
Sofia –  Sports Illustraded is working on the “Swimsuits for All” campaign, in which a more mature woman was photographed (Nicola Griffin, 56 ). I find it irksome that they are questioning media standards, breaking taboos, and simply attesting that any woman can look beautiful in sports swimwear. But logically I continue to be an activist of a healthy lifestyle, of sports and of organic food, regardless of inherited genetics.

Donna-You were born in Porto Alegre, right? Do you still have contact with the city? 
Sofia-“I was born crying (in) Windmills”, literally (laughs) . I grew up in Petropolis, where I lived until I was 18 when I moved to Europe to work as a model. My whole family still lives in Porto Alegre. Whenever I can, I’ll come back to kill you.

Donna-Do you keep some nice memories of the city or Rio Grande do Sul? 
Sofia-I have many good memories growing in the State, especially of our summer holidays on the Imbé beach! There I had my freedom. He would take the bike, go for everything and only come back at night. It was also where I learned to surf bodyboard. I fell in love with the sport and even today, whenever I can, I go on surf trips.

Donna-You appear in lists of profiles in the Instagram more legal to be followed. What do you think makes your profile so appealing to followers? 
Sofia-I always try to vary my posts between model work and personal life, my habits, my trips, my looks, the sports that I practice. Sometimes I share some thoughts. I think all this brings inspiration and makes people attract to the profile.

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Donna _ Speaking on Instagram, model Adriana Lima recently made a polemic posture with a clean , cold face to highlight the hardness of the routine of the models. How’s yours in NY? Is it really that tight? 
Sofia:  Really rush is great. And the most difficult, as Adriana emphasized, is knowing how to disguise fatigue, flu, time zone, personal problems and still be beautiful and with energy 24 hours. There are days when you do not even have time to breathe, but when you love what you do you learn to deal with it all. I have always had the support of my family, and longing always strikes. But nowadays we talk all the time to WhatsApp. That helped a lot.

Donna-And future projects? Which magazine will we have the privilege of seeing you again? 
Sophie-I have several projects in the oven, but I must keep my secret until I leave. Lots of amazing things to come !! Everything will be announced on social media (Instagam/Twitter/Snapchat, everyone is @SofiaResing). Stay tuned!